Hi Struan ,

I think it will be good to keep showing contents of a variable as it is,
without clicking a button/keyboard shortcut because it's 1. easy and a 2. lot of debuggers do use that feature,
mouse over a variable and content is shown.

About the right click button I agree that it can be improved I've been thinking about
What do you mean by dumping variable in /tmp ?
Saving contents from Data::Dumper in /tmp ?

there are suggestions for .ptkdbrc file to be INI style.

How ptkdb's settings will get mixed with Xresources and xrdb ?
(due to usage of environment variables ?)


On 7/26/07, Struan Bartlett <struan.bartlett@newsnow.co.uk> wrote:

I have a few suggestions for improvement:

- the balloon view of a variable doesn't work terribly well for me. Not
all data structures in my code fit inside the balloon, and employing the
balloon prevents what I believe would be a more useful functionality:
having a popup menu appear when clicking the right mouse button on a
variable. This menu could have an option to view the variable in the
expression frame. A consequence of this is that right-clicking to step
through the code would have to be disabled, but I prefer to use the
keyboard or else click the 'step' button. Further, this context menu
could also in due course be employed to provide other options such as
dumping the data structure to a file in /tmp or to stdout or, used on
function of method calls, to search for their definitions in the code.
If anyone's interested I have a proof-of-concept patch.

- there are some environment variables I like to set, that there don't
seem to be Xresources for. Anyhow, I find Xresources a pain to use and
maintain. Putting them in my .bashrc is an option, but it's not modular
or easily shareable. Instead, I would like to be able to define these
variables inside ~/.ptkdbrc. e.g.

struan$ cat /home/struan/.ptkdbrc
$ENV{'PTKDB_CODE_SIDE'} = 'right';
$ENV{'PTKDB_GEOMETRY'} = '1024x768';

This would make it easy to define variables, avoid the need to mess with
Xresources and xrdb, and make it easy to share my configuration with
colleagues too. I think this is easy to implement, and if anyone's
interested I have a proof-of-concept patch for this too.

Kind regards,


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