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[bbae92] (4.7 kB) by rpj rpj


2005-04-25 00:49:04 View
[7eb9d4] (4.7 kB) by rpj rpj

Copyright year updated

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[91f42a] (4.7 kB) by rpj rpj

Copyright update

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[af1871] (snap-2003-09-18) (4.7 kB) by rpj rpj

Cleanup and fixes to thread priority management. Other minor changes.

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[de906e] (4.7 kB) by rpj rpj

Updated Copyright notice (date and contact address).

2003-08-19 03:31:50 View
[414f4b] (4.7 kB) by rpj rpj

Bug fixes plus adaptation to current MinGW/MsysDTK environment. Changes to tests/benchmarks.

2003-08-13 15:10:53 View
[b29903] (4.7 kB) by rpj rpj

Copyright notice updates; module splitting; POSIX version
conditional compilation; refinements; bug fixes. See the ChangeLog.

2002-02-08 01:51:17 View
[f3cbc4] (4.2 kB) by rpj rpj

Include an interim complete Copyright notice in each source file;
Remove unused autoconf files;
Add the file COPYING, which describes the pthread-win32 license
relative to the FSF LGPL.

2001-12-18 07:38:07 View
[820ca4] (3.2 kB) by rpj rpj

* GNUmakefile (libwsock32): Add to linker flags for
WSAGetLastError() and WSASetLastError().
* Makefile (wsock32.lib): Likewise.
* create.c: Minor mostly inert changes.
* implement.h (PTW32_MAX): Move into here and renamed
from sched.h.
(PTW32_MIN): Likewise.
* GNUmakefile (TEST_ICE): Define if testing internal
implementation of InterlockedCompareExchange.
* Makefile (TEST_ICE): Likewise.
* private.c (TEST_ICE): Likewise.

2001-10-25 23:51:53 View
[663a1a] (None) by rpj rpj

Cosmetic changes.

2001-07-03 02:00:09 View
[192998] (None) by rpj rpj

2001-07-01 Ross Johnson <>

Contributed by - Alexander Terekhov.

* condvar.c: Fixed lost signal bug reported by Timur Aydin
[RPJ (me) didn't translate the original algorithm

* semaphore.c: Added sem_post_multiple; this is a useful
routine, but it doesn't appear to be standard. For now it's
not an exported function.

2001-07-01 Ross Johnson <>

* benchtest3.c: New; timing mutexes.
* benchtest4.c: New; time mutexes.
* condvar3_1.c: Fixed bug - Alexander Terekhov
* condvar3_3.c: New test.

2001-06-25 Ross Johnson <>

* priority1.c: New test.
* priority2.c: New test.
* inherit1.c: New test.
* benchtest1.c: New; timing mutexes.
* benchtest2.c: New; timing mutexes.
* mutex4.c: Modified to test all mutex types.

2001-07-01 13:49:38 View