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Version 2.3 out

New version of PspKanji out.

(New) Support for MacOSX
(New) Support for PspLite and custom firmware M33
(New) Kanji stroke order displayed
(Changed) Kanjilist now using Xml, a lot more versatile ro create your own list.

Posted by Aion 2008-07-06

Version 2.2 out

A new version of PspKanji is now available. It mostly focus on resolving issues with Kanas quizzes and the like.


Posted by Aion 2007-09-17

Finally out

I've finally was able to track the bug that set me back a full month :/.

So enjoy the new release (V2 Alpha)

Now support user kanji list and quizzes.

Posted by Aion 2007-01-22

Almost There

I'm almost ready to release a new version with KanjiList functionality.

I'm currently trying to find an elusive memory bug that crash the program on the Psp only, Window version works just fine. :p

Posted by Aion 2006-12-24

Update on progress II

A release should be available in December, with Kanji list loading functionality and Kanji Quiz. Unfortunalty, November was too soon for a new version.

After that, a complete UI reworking with the help of an actual artist is in the work.

Posted by Aion 2006-12-04

Current progress

I'm currently working pretty regularly on this project, adding all the basic features (Menu, KanjiList, Quiz, etc...) and I am hoping to be able to release the alpha version in the month of November. Given the plenora of new games release (FinalFantasy XII, Xenosaga III, Tales of Eternia Psp, ...) do not slow me down :P

Posted by Aion 2006-09-07