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Proteomics Standards Initiative / News: Recent posts

New mzData 1.05 Example Files

New mzData 1.05 example files using the released controlled vocabulary terms (from\) are now available in the file release section : (

Posted by Randy Julian 2005-05-23

Analytical Data Interchange Project (ANDI)

A key component to the proteomics standards initiative is the ability to access, represent and manipulate analytical instrumentation data. Proteomics uses analytical chemistry technologies for which standards are being developed by several organizations. The efforts related to the ASTM E01.25 standards (netCDF, and new XML standards) will coordinated under the sourceforge project 'andi'. Of particular interest to the PSI effort will be the MS-specific standards representing processed MS data which can be used by proteomic infomatics applications.

Posted by Randy Julian 2003-03-08