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Psi-0.10-test1, New Test Release

Ok guys, it's here

The usual rules apply, this is still prerelease, if you break it you get to keep both parts etc.
Please go forth and test, and file bug reports as necessary.

Also while we were waiting to make a simultaneous release of the new website, wiki and iconset together, today's launch of Google Talk has pushed our hand, and we're releasing the wiki with Test1.

Also, we're thinking of running a CafePress shop for Psi merchandise to celebrate the launch of the new, improved and very pretty 0.10 when the time comes. So if people have thoughts on that, please can they (starting a new thread so this doesn't become cluttered) comment on that.

The wiki is available here:
The new user guide is available here:
IceRAM's google talk howto is available here:

The source is available here:
The OSX build is available here:
The Windows build is available here:

Test1 acknowledgements in absolutely no order at all:
Many thanks to IceRAM, who's spent today tirelessly changing every last thing about the Google howto, per my complaints and who's also been setting up the wiki.
Hal who's been setting up the wiki
Mray for the new colour scheme
Everyone for the code.
Mblsha and Remko for doing all the work for the release code and making the builds when I haven't
Remko again for doing a great deal of the Wiki populating.

lalalala, thank you all so much, *starts crying, *waves OSCAR.

New in 0.10
- Psi will now sign out before Windows or Mac OS X machines go to 'sleep'
- The default text input line in the chat dialogs starts at one line tall, and grows as necessary.
- The Roster can now be automatically resized to fit all contacts.
- The Roster now has a menu bar available on Windows and Linux
- Chat windows can be collected together using tabs
- On Windows and Mac OS X, selected text may be automatically copied to the clipboard.
- Mac OS X builds now enjoy Growl(.info) support
- Photos are now available in the VCard dialog
- New default colour scheme
- Roster and chat dialog opacity is now configurable on Windows and Mac OS X
- The colour scheme is now slightly more configurable
- Assorted minor feature additions and bug fixes

Posted by Hal Rottenberg 2005-08-27