How do I download the patches?

  • chris warth
    chris warth

    I can see the patched that "fix Psgml 1.2.2 for Emacs 21", but I can't figure out how to download the patch files. 

    Are the patches somehow already integrated in the .gz file?  They don't appear to be because I saw these errors when I just compiled a few minutes ago.  So are there context diffs that can be downloaded?

    • Adam Spiers
      Adam Spiers

      I think someone messed up when they tried to make
      the patches available here.  However, you can also get
      them from etc/PROBLEMS in the emacs source tree.

    • Geert Ribbers
      Geert Ribbers

      Can someone explain to me then how to apply the patch as retrieved from etc/PROBLEMS?
      I get the message "ediff-patch-file-internal: Patch appears to have failed".

      Thanks, Geert Ribbers