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Some more features...

  • msdemarchi

    The app is working ok. I don't want this to sound abusive but would like to suggest some features as follows:

    1- An OBS. Window where we can place some quick (important) info about students such as “diabetic” or “no deep fried items” or “no sodas” or “no ice creams” (what a shame!)

    2- A small phrase on each manual input on credit, such as “deposited by parent” or “cash brought in”, “cheque # ......” or “cash given back to parent” This is for information purposes only, instead of only a date.

    Starting this semester we are using this application only. So far, so good!

    Thank you,


    • microleaks

      Thanks for the feedback, we will add that to the roadmap for the next release hopefully within a week or two.

  • I'm just in the evauation process and everithing is so far so good.  The only problem is that in my location we need to add taxex to the sales and the software don't provide for it, any ideas o solutions for that particular need?? appriciete any help