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New version of the IOP compiler

A new version of the IOP compiler is now vailable. It can be found in the downloads section of If you still have the files binutils-2.9.1.tar.gz and gcc-2.8.1.tar.gz, you do NOT have to download them again (these files will never change).

The changes made in this revision include the following:

* The patches have been split into a binutils patch, and a gcc patch to make it easier to upgrade one package without changing the other and the install script has been rewritten to make installing and upgrading more flexible.... read more

Posted by Doug Knight (Karmix) 2002-04-22

Uploaded IOP and EE * Sources

Uploaded IOP and EE * Sources,
they are on the cvs server under iop and ee
and also on the ftp.

Posted by Julian Tyler 2000-12-12


Welcome to the PS2Dev Sourceforge project.
Please feel free to leave any ideas about how this project can help u or can be improved. In the Forums.

Please Ignore My Spelling. :)

Posted by Julian Tyler 2000-12-12