Where do you use Prune?

  • It might be interesting to see which parts of the world have already been visited by Prune - feel free to post anonymously here to say where in the world you're using Prune.  You can also add which language you use Prune in if you wish.

    So far Prune has been sighted in the UK, in Switzerland (where it was born), Germany, Italy and New Zealand.  But there are doubtless many more parts of the world represented - where are you?

    • I mainly use Prune in the Netherlands to show the traces I made using my PDA on my PC. Most traces actually are in the Dutch territorial waters, but some are also on land and some are in the German territorial waters. Furthermore, I have some traces from holidays in Italy and Scotland. Actually, I also have a trace at sea between the Netherlands and Scotland, that's outside the territorial waters. Who knows what's next...

    • Jozef Riha
      Jozef Riha

      hello, i'm from slovakia and use prune from time to time to check and compress my traces collected via trekbuddy. jose

    • I put this information into a map to make it more visible - different colours show the countries where Prune is being used or where it supports the local language.
      You can see the map on the Prune home page: http://activityworkshop.net/software/prune/

    • Hi,
      thanks for great tool. I am just about to start using in on my mac. So you will have user based in Sydney, Australia. At a moment I am using it on my WinXP machine, but main goal is to use Prune for exporting Google Maps path with photos.

    • A blog writer has been spotted using Prune in Japan, with a track from western Tokyo: http://blogs.sun.com/LetTheSunShineIn/entry/java_gps_data_editor_viewer

    • Germany

    • I'm from Germany and use it to remove duplicate gps positions before using them in josm to draw tracks for openstreetmap.

    • I'm in China and use Prune to analysize track information after outdoor activities like hiking, mountain walking etc.
      I can provide full Chinese translation of Prune.

    • I have already worked on Chinese translation and you can see some of the result. Hopefully, I can finish it in this week. Sam

    • South Africa.

      I use it to display and analyse my tracks.

      But there is a lot of funtions and features that i have thought of adding or contributing to Prune?

      Where or who can i contact to get involved with programming extra features.

      Or is it handled by only one programmer?

      Is there any collaboration.

      I am a GPS enthusiast myself.

      Also would like to offer my service to translate the Prune to Afrikaans.

      • Great news about South Africa, thank you!
        - For Afrikaans translations, please see the translation wiki (with the new Afrikaans page) - thanks for the offer!
        - For suggesting new features, use these forums (preferably in a new thread) or the Tracker feature
        - For getting involved with programming, use these forums to outline your ideas or send an email.
        - For "where do you use Prune", use this thread ;)

  • Hi from Balticman in Sweden. I am using Prune here in Sweden to process data from my Garmin Etrex. It works perfectly. Thanks.

  • Great news!  The map is slowly starting to get more and more blue! :)

  • Hi from Fullframe in Norway. I live and use Prune north of the polar circle.

  • Jeroen from The Netherlands.
    Version 0.1 of the Dutch translation is ready…..please test and report/correct any errors you might find.

  • Thanks very much Jeroen!  The Netherlands is already blue on the map, but it's great that you've done the Dutch texts, thanks very much!  Anyone can now get the Dutch texts in a text file from the downloads page: http://activityworkshop.net/software/prune/download.html and use them with Prune version 10 - they look perfect! :)

  • Hi,

    I am from Kochi, Kerala, India.

    Pune is a great tool to edit GPS way points.  I Use garmin oregon 550. On returning from field visits, i use Prune to edit the way points, to rename and then generate customized  trek paths. Then i export to kml and then with the help of Google Earth i integrate my way points with Google Earth.

  • Using it in Ubuntu 11.04 in Indonesia. Very good application, thank you, just can't get a background map.


  • I'm glad to hear that Prune made it to Indonesia!  If you're having a specific problem with your background map, please start a new thread about it (check that you have switched on the map with View - Show Map, try with the default map (Settings - map background to "Mapnik"), check that you have internet access, and everything should work).

    If you would like to help with the Indonesian translations, please see the translation wiki at http://prune-gps.wikispaces.com/PruneTextsIndonesian