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proxytunnel confirm

  • stboo9n

    Please answer 1. True 2.False
    Is proxytunnel a mean to encrypt all http traffic out of your computer. I have still yet to work out how it integrates with smtp, let alone ssh

    ok i ran this:- a local proxy server with https on my machine,i find an open http(s) proxy server on the internet ,

    C:\proxytunnel>proxytunnel -v -p -d pl2.ucs.indiana.edu:3128
    Proxytunnel: proxyhost (pre parse) given, it is: ''
    Proxytunnel: proxyhost (post parse) is '':'3128' is
    Connected to
    Tunneling to pl2.ucs.indiana.edu:3128 (destination)
    Connect string sent to Proxy: 'CONNECT pl2.ucs.indiana.edu:3128 HTTP/1.0
    Proxy-Connection: Keep-Alive

    DEBUG: recv: 'HTTP/1.1 200 Connection established
    'DEBUG: recv: 'Server: |www.CinaProxy.de.vu|/1.2.0
    'DEBUG: recv: 'Content-Type: text/html
    'DEBUG: recv: 'Date: Tue, 09 Oct 2007 23:41:53 GMT
    'DEBUG: recv: 'Content-Length: 23
    'DEBUG: recv: '
    'Starting tunnel
    Tunnel closed

    My local proxy is listening to port 3128. I set my browser to use : 3128

    PLEASE ANSWER 1. true 2. False

    i.) Am i right to assume all http traffic is now encrypted going through to the other end  of the tunnel OR

    ii) OR is it just for ssl websites that i am browsing

    iii) why does  http://whatismyip.com  reveals my true ip address
         INSTEAD of the ip address of the host at the end of the tunnel

    iv) is this the way to use proxy tunnel
    v.) the connection drops out very quickly

    vi.) sometimes plain text webpages has been sent back

    What the hell is going on? the proxytunnel also didnt work with the -e option