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all tools release

I finally got around to it! The current CVS files have been packaged and released. As usual, bug reports (especially with the packaging!) are welcom. wayne.

Posted by wayne 2004-12-02

proxyTools nov/dec releases

ProxyTools sources, and Windows executables are up there now.
Go get 'em.

Posted by wayne 2002-12-01

proxyTools September release

I released a proxyTools package in Sept.
Forgot to announce here ...

Posted by wayne 2002-09-27

proxyTools release 2002-04-04

New release.
This one should be good for Unix systems as well as MS Windows. Please test ASAP; I'm away for a month or so, starting in a week.

Freshmeat projects page:

Posted by wayne 2002-04-04

all tools release - 2002-01-17

17 Jan, 2002 zip packaged release of all proxy tools (incl. localproxy) and data files is now available at
Follow links to 'latest stable release'
Let me know about any bugs.

Posted by wayne 2002-01-17

help wanted - Perl OO and modularization

I really need some help with the code for this project. It's basically a *very* smart anti-censoring package for MS Windows and Unix systems, so it's interesting to work on. It's fairly mature now, but there's still plenty of scope for new ideas, I think.

But I desperately need some help with getting the ~6000 lines of Perl code into some sort of order.

OO was in the back of my mind when I wrote the stuff, but never made it to the front :-)... read more

Posted by wayne 2001-12-06

2001-7-19 release of all tool packages

Both localproxy and proxyTools sources are available in new release packages today.
Support for users will be based on these. They will be merged back into the trunk when everyone's happy.

Posted by wayne 2001-07-19

home page

we now have a home page.

Posted by wayne 2001-04-05

up! - almost

We're going, but no web page yet.
Both the old proxyTools released distribution and the new localProxy2 (beta, still) are available in CVS.

Posted by wayne 2001-03-31