proxychains 4.2 released for LINUX and MAC OS

  • rofl0r

    proudly announcing the proxychains 4.2 release for linux and MAC

    this release fixes some bugs:
    - segfault in extremely rare code path (triggered by ubuntu telnet program)
    - failure to find config file in current dir, when quiet option (-q) was used.
    - one case of thread safety issue has been fixed, however that one only affected
      gethostent() (which iterates /etc/hosts for known hostnames), so it seem unlikely
      that anyone encountered a race condition/bug resulting from this.

    and issues with the ubuntu 12.04 toolchain
    which seems to have -Wl,-as-needed baked in.

    sha512 17df42901d9c7f909fb145495ac6f231987f9d6e448fe0218c764579c7966f4a196036dc8863bef3923b0fbedbc2367d29b3d58ee4e617561d84981fab228eb4

    please report any issues you encounter at the official git repo: