I doní»t know to send a message to proxool developer, so I write this letter and want to deliver to them.

         Question: My databse is SQL Server 2005 Mirror Databse. Principal database(, Mirror Databse( and Witness Databse(

         Proxool.xml setup:

         <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>







           <property name="user" value="sa"/>

           <property name="password" value="zzzz"/>






       <house-keeping-test-sql>select CURRENT_DATE</house-keeping-test-sql>




The web server I used is tomcat 5.5.9. Begin,tomcat setup,this setup is working normally.  When I stop the principal databse and the mirror databse is working ,the proxool setup is not working. If I restart tomcat server, the proxool is working normally. I doní»t know the reason. Does the proxool not support Sql server 2005 mirror?


Please tell me the solutions.


Best regards.



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