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P5OSR0ppb re-release

I'm really sorry, I haven't so much as glanced at p5os in months and, as I was afraid, the source and binaries I released forever ago were broken. I kinda forgot to put in the line that compiles the kernel into 16 bit code, which is kinda important. Well, today we hit a lucky break. Today school was canceled thanks to a bombing so I was at my friend's house and decided to show him my oh so wicked cool and, of course, very mature OS and ended up having to recompile everything on his system with the bug fixed. The releases on the download page have been updated to the non-broken sources and bins. my appology.

Posted by stithyoshi 2006-10-09

pboot completed

I realize that it's a bit of an odd setup, but I created a new standalone 1.44mb floppy image in FAT12 format with boot code that looks for a file named P5KERN.BIN in the root directory of the floppy, loads it to memory location 0x0:0x1700 and then jumps to it. I realize that I could have made it a little more flexible and allowed it to load files of names besides P5BOOT.BIN in directories besides the root directory on disks besides the floppy, but I worked my butt off on this thing, learning the mechanics of FAT12 as I went, so I may work on that later, but not now. You can write this disk to a floppy or virtually mount it(if you're using an emulator, which is probably wise as I have had no problems thus far, but I'm really acting as a large monkey with a crowbar when making this code) and write either the supplied C version of the R0 'kernel' or your own 16-bit (or 32-bit if you manually switch out of real mode first) raw x86 binary code which is aware of a starting address of 0x1700 with the label P5BOOT.BIN... read more

Posted by stithyoshi 2006-08-31

First Releases

As this project was founded by the hobby fiddlings of Joseph Marlin(stithyoshi) there is already some code and a binary which can be released. Keep in mind, however, that this file posting is purely for historical and initiative purposes and is NOT the codebase from which the actual P5 project will originate. Release 0 is incredibly simplisitc and lacks almost all characteristics of an Operating System. Following the release of R0 the only elements which will remain from P5 will be some code from the boot sector. As well, the original kernel will be completely rewritten as a shell for the OS. To test out the incredibly simplisitc P5OSR0 you can either download the windows, UNIX or Mac OS X sources (the only difference being the build script included in the download) with NASM or download the disk image and use it in an emulator or use rawwrite to boot it natively. INstructions on performing the build are included with the sources.

Posted by stithyoshi 2006-08-06