#129 New package does not work well with pstricks


I have been using Prosper for a long time and never had problems. I discovered recently that the new version does not work well with pstricks. I have a file that I've used with the previous version and it works fine, but when I compile with the old package on my old computer it works fine. The main problem is that I want to make a picture using pstricks and I want to put some comments on the side and then come back to the picture and add on the pictures. If you look at the file I'm attaching the new package does not obey the order of the slides as given, but really takes them in the order written.
For example if I say \fromSlide{2}{blah blah 2}
\fromSlide{4}{blah blah 4}
\fromSlide{3}{blah blah 3}

It displays
blah blah 2
blah blah 4
blah blah 3

It works fine on the previous version of prosper.
Please let me know if you would be fixing this. I want to continue to use Prosper, but if this is not something you will work on I need to know and change to some other software. My e-mail contact is: lfouli@math.utexas.edu

Louiza Fouli


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