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If you have any comments on any of the bugs below, like you have seen it as well, or if you submitted a bug and now have the issue fixed, please please add a comment to the bug listed below. Any additions or changes to this bug tracker are mailed to all the developers so we will know about it for sure if you submit one or make any additions to one already listed.

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# Summary Milestone Status Owner Created Updated Priority
71 Uploaded media is manipulated too early Version 0.6-pr3 open 2009-02-02 2009-02-02 5  
70 Exclamation points appear in outgoing bulletins Version Latest CVS Checkout open 2008-09-29 2008-09-29 5  
69 Images shouldn't be increased in size Version Latest CVS Checkout open 2008-09-05 2008-09-05 3  
68 Tag return values that equate to false aren't handled None open 2008-06-24 2008-06-24 5  
67 Admin navigation layout breaks with large numbers of tabs None open 2008-06-11 2008-06-11 1  
64 Query in storylist.php is very inefficient None open 2008-05-28 2008-05-29 7  
51 UTF8 can probably be re-enabled Version Latest CVS Checkout open 2008-01-26 2008-01-26 5  
49 Docs don't mention the need to update user privs on install None open 2008-01-24 2008-01-24 5  
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