Thank You

  • surfed

    Just a thank you note for excellent work done. I am running current svn version on Ubuntu 64-bit using mostly projectm-pulseaudio and am very impressed. 

    • Frank Roscher
      Frank Roscher

      I thought I'd wait for the imminent release but as it seems that that will still take a while I'll just go ahead and second the "thank you" :)

      The new crossfading code for presets really is great fun. I've been using a configuration file that keeps projectM crossfading between presets all the time (short "preset duration", long "smooth transition duration") and it's as if the number of presets had exploded. It's all new again, and somehow the resulting mixed presets are more beautiful to me than the original ones.

      I've fallen in love with projectM all over again!


  • Anonymous

    I'm very grateful too! I was able to get rid of Windows to free up some space for better things like music. I'll risk sounding weird and say it's important for me to have this software.