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  • Anonymous

    Good project!

    Since OpenProj, I hoped to find
    the "project default time unit"
    in the "general settings" of project.

    When inputting time for lots of small tasks,
    it would be easier to input printing the duration in tasks column

     as             [25]+[Enter]|[down], 
     rather than    [25m]+[Enter]|[down]

    Time measurement units (available to set as default) should be (at least):
    month, weeks, days, hours, minutes.

    Also, in the column input, it would be great to have Spreadsheet-like input shortcuts:

     [Right],      [Left]: just move right and left in text being edited ( AS it is NOW )
     [Ctrl+Right], [ctrl+Left]: enter and move to same task next column cell

    Also, would be great, to add a time tracking feature:
    [task]>dropDownMenu>[start track] - then timer goes to count. After timer has stopped - popup "enter the % complete:" after the resource enters completed work amount - there will be a coefficient for this resource with an advice to recalculate the time for his tasks.

    May be, if I could count on the team advice support (IDE installation, libraries.... ), I could commit some code or complete plugins for these features?
    Please contact me at:

     student dot rsu at gmail dot com




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