Project Chronos 2.0 suggestions

  • OK, so im going to start looking at Chronos 2.0

    this will be an updated version of Chronos, providing a higher level of control refinement with minimal changes hardware-wise

    Here is the current state of the controls.

    Left Set Reset Right

    Dial 1

    dial 2
    10 LED D=250 = Brightness. Value / 4 = brightness
    20 POS = Position
    30 DEL D=0 = Delay shooting
    40 INT D=5 = Interval (time between shots)
    50 BULB D=0 = Bulb control
    60 SHO D=300 = Number of shots
    70 DIST D=35 = Distance to move
    80 RAM D=0 = Ramping O/S
    90 RPT D=off = Repeat movement
    100 RVS D=off = Reverse movement
    110 MGO D= = Master GO
    120 SGO D= = Slave GO
    130 CONT D=30m = Continuous

    when mode dial changes, show mode name on display 1/2 sec then value.

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  • So i have an update on Chronos 2.0

    It is going well. And this is where I am at.

    -Non ramped Linear Shoot move shoot mode.
    This is your standard Shoot-Move-Shoot. You select the number of frames and distance, and yer good to go.

    -Symmetrical ramped SMS
    This is a ramped version, the way it works is you select a percentage, say 5%-50%, and that determines your ramp. So if you chose 25%, that means the first interval will almost barely move, this movement will grow larger each interval for the first 25% of the intervals, it then levels out to a steady pace for the next 50%, then on the last 25% it will ramp down. So the % you select is the amount of time ramping up in the beginning and ramping down in the end.

    -Offset ramped SMS
    This is very similar to the symmetrical, but it ramps to a peak then ramps down. If you chose 15% then the first 15% is ramping up in speed, the next 85% is ramping back down. or if you choose 78% the first 78% is increasing in speed, the last 22% is decreasing in speed. Im not sure if it will be selecable by 1% or 5% increments.

    -up to 9999 shots per routine
    I put this limit becase i only have 4 digits on the display. If you need more than 9999 shots you can use the repeat function, see below.

    -up to 9999 shots per inch
    This is my goal, 9999 shots per inch. By selecting 9999 shots, and a distance of 1 inch, you can achieve this resolution. Chronos SHOULD be capable of doing this, but it probably wont ramp too well at this extreme. Ill test it out.

    -Select distance moved in metric or standard
    I thought this might be a nice addition, when selecting the distance to move you can set it to use inches, or centimeters for you metric folks.

    -Repeat mode, repeats action from beginning or from end of prior routine.
    Repeat will have two versions, Back-repeat (rewind to the same spot it started at and re-run the routine), and forward repeat where as soon as the routine is over, it will repeat that routine from the current location.

    -Reverse mode, repeats action in reverse in symmetry or offset fashion
    This will basically repeat the action in reverse, with two choices. Offset will just reverse the direction with the same routine, so if you are doing an offset ramp and set it to reverse in an offset mode it will travel 15% increase 80% decrease, flip direction, 15% increase, 80% decrease. When using it in Symmetrical mode it will mirror the movement in reverse rather than repeat the movement. So the same routine would go 15% increase 85% decrease, 85% increase 15% decrease
    Offset = 15 - 85 - reverse 15 - 85
    Symmetrical = 15 - 85 reverse 85 - 15

    I hope this all makes sence, ill be working on a better explanation. This is something you will really like once i get my next system developed because it will give you some real neat options for motion control.

    -Delayed movement timer

    I like the idea of this one. Basically you set it on a countdown where it is shooting before it starts moving, using this with an offset ramp will be sort of neat. My next system should give the ability to do all sorts of neat things and that is when you will like this the most. Here is a sequence you would be able to achieve with Chronos 2.0 and my next system. The timelapse starts out stationary as a macro shot of a flower, after a few seconds the camera very slowly starts moving and pulling up vertically and the focus shifts to the background, as the camera raises it gains speed then near the top starts panning to the left and gains speed on the pan while slowing on the vertical lift, then slows to a stop framing a mountanous scene.

    -Intervalometer .5 sec - 24 hour
    Self explanatory. It will probably have a 24 hour cap.

    -Bulb controller .5 sec - 24 hour
    Same as above.

    -Choose to shoot before or after movement with after shot buffer adjustment.
    I preffer to have the camera shoot just before the movement, which is easy when using bulb control on the intervalometer, however, if the intervalometer is just triggering the camera it will need an adjustable buffer to prevent the movement from occuring while the camera is shooting. This will be adjustable in 1/4 second intervals.

    -Brightness control
    for the LED, because it would be obnoxiously bright at night.

    -Multiple shots per routine for HDR
    Im debating this one. I am not a big fan of HDR, but i think ill give it the ability to fire off 1-5 shots per sequence for you HDR nuts.

    -Bulb ramping device compatable.
    yep. This will work with ANY external intervalometer that can be plugged into a 3.5mm stereo jack. Using any CANON compatible intervalometer you can use a 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter. then you just need the cable between Chronos and the Camera. There are several ways to do this honestly. When bulb ramping with the Little Bramper i use a splitter on the OUT jack of the bramper, one cable goes to Chronos 1.0, and the other cable runs to the camera. Chronos is also capable of passing the signal, however it gets messy with fine bulb control and the pass-through is better if you are not bulb ramping.

    -Continuous movement mode 5 min to 3 hour.
    Yes im going to add continuous into this. Im not a big fan of it, but the code is simple enough. I dont know if the built in intervalometer will work during continuous mode, ill give it a shot, but im not going to burn tons of time on this.

    -Carriage positioning mode
    Just a fast forward / rewind to position the carriage. this will NOT move fast enough for video though.

    -Display shots taken, shots remaining.
    I plan to have a couple different things that can be displayed while shooting. Shots taken, remaining shots, and maybe timer to show how long it has been running.

    -Automatic microstepping
    I dont like microstepping unless i have to. When microstepping any time you fall between steps you have to keep the motor powered so it does not shift to the nearest step. That means it needs more juice because the motor is ALWAYS on. However, microstepping will make the Macro work so much better, so i will have it setup to where if it is doing over X amount of shots in X amount of distance it will automatically flip to microstepping move if needed.

    SO, thats where things are at. I have the harder parts of the code worked out, such as the ramping engines and such. Now im just waiting on a few parts to modify my Chronos 1.0 to Chronos 2.0 and i can start working and testing the code.

    ALSO, i think i will try to offer Chronos 2.0 kits. They will probably come in various forms, everything from bracket sets, to PCB kits, to fully soldered and programmed control boxes, to entire complete Chronos rails.

    Keep an eye out, ill keep updates coming as they come along.