Proguard-4.0beta works with Palme :-)

  • Hi there,

    My client-server application has always been some kind of problematic with proguard.
    The only version where optimization worked was 3.5 - 3.6/3.7 and earlier releases were broken. With 3.7 even obfuscation didn't work. (I haven't tested 3.8 till now).

    However with 4.0-beta my app even optimizes fine, and the results are a lot better than with proguard-3.5 (560kb vs. 590kb).

    So proguard got even better and now works reliable again for my code :-)

    Thanks a lot, Clemens

    • Eric Lafortune
      Eric Lafortune

      Wow, I was bracing for an avalanche of bugs, and now you tell me it just works. Thanks! Note that your bug with constructors whose signatures are simplified is still open though.



    • Well I was surprised too, I first thought even about not trying it out at all ... because my stuff is already in "productional" use and ... you know ;). But then I thought proguard (you!!) has done so much great work for me, so that I'll try to report all bugs I find. Surprisingly I did not find one ^^

      Sorry that I was not able to send you the source for the obfuscation problem in 3.7, but the code does not belong to me. Its nothing about trust but about lawers ;)

      For now I worked arround the bug with the simplifies constructors, maybe I find some time to fix it in the summer-holidays. Would be a great way to say thank you ;)

      Thanks a lot for this *wonderful* piece of software, you rock :-)

      lg Clemens