Database permissions

  • Peter Garner
    Peter Garner

    I've set up E and managed to run the db.sql setup script ok. However, I'm running a very locked-down setup here and would be obliged if someone could let me know exactly which permissions are required for "E" to use the database. At the moment I'm using everything except "grant" and "drop" but I reckon I could get away with select, insert, update and possibly index ?


    • Anne Kootstra
      Anne Kootstra

      Though I generally use relatively open, but local, user accounts, I'd have to try. If memory serves me right, you only need select, insert, update.

      Index is something that is not used by the PHP interpreter. If you want to assign minimum rights per table, then e-mail me and I'll let you know.

      As ever,

      Anne Kootstra

      Program E developer