Status Update of Project

> Hi,
> It been a while since a new release of Pdesk or Progect? Is there a
> plan to update either of these in the near future? Last thing I
> remember was a complete rewrite. Any news?


I'm thinking of adding someone's patches for Progect and rebuilding a beta of it.

I also need to make sure it can handle opaque data from other desktop applications (explanation further on).

So, I will probably try and do that within two weeks.


PDesk is not likely to have much activity for a while, unless someone gives me patches, in which case I will certainly build another

I have started on a rewrite of it called the "Outliner Framework" it's on SourceForge, but not ready for prime time. I have put it on
hold because I think we need to deal with the conduit first.


The current conduit is dangerous to your data, but only sometimes, perhaps only when you really, really care.

The current conduit isn't a perfect solution anyway, because the data stays in a binary format. Not everyone wants to use PDesk, some
people use Progect for things that are better handled by other applications on the desktop.


I'm writing a conversion library (and program) that will convert basically any Palm database to XML, plugins need to be written, so I'm
going to support Progect first before other programs, and to be honest, I would expect others to write the plugins for other programs
in general.

The program will go from the Progect Palm Database to the XML of the program we are supporting, so we would support things like
OmniOutliner directly.

Once I have the conversion library working, and a command line application available, I will start working on the conduit which will
utilize the library for it's functions.

Once all that is done, I will start working on merging the data between the desktop and the Palm.

This is a gigantic amount of work, and I expect it will take 6 months to complete the conduit.

Once that is in place however, people will be able to use the desktop application of their choice to edit their data. Their data will
no longer be locked in a binary format cage as well. I think the benefit for this will be huge.

The conduit needs to support opaque data from other applications, this way their settings will not be lost when we have it on the Palm. I am calling this data area the "attic".

So, that's what is currently happening.

Progect is definitely not dead, but the current conduit has to be replaced, and PDesk will be either replaced or repaired some time,
kind of far into the future. Probably a good year to year and a half out, easily two years. But that shouldn't matter so much, because
you will probably be able to use your favourite desktop editor(s) instead.

Of course if someone steps up to the plate, there are many things that can be done for Progect or the new PDesk and even for the
conduit, I need XSLT people currently to help with the conversions.

I hope to have a exe available with limited conversions within two weeks.

I will at the same time make the Python module available as an Alpha or Beta, and so people on other platforms will also be able to use


Posted by Rick Price 2006-07-21