#229 0.30b5: Fatal Alert on editing/deleting task

Ian Dees

I have a .pdb file that I created with PDesk and later
edited on my Visor Prism. There's one particular task
that seems to be stuck permanently in the database.
Whenever I try to double-tap on it to edit the details,
I get the following Fatal Alert: "StringMgr.c, Line:67,
NULL string passed."

When I re-enter Project, there are now two copies of
that task.

When I try to Cut or Delete either task, I get a
slightly different Fatal Alert, whose "Reset" button
(unlike the other alert above) doesn't work. I regret
that I do not have the text of this second alert available.

I have tried every way I can think of to get rid of the
task: moving it to be the child of a node and then
deleting the parent, cutting, deleting, renaming, and
so on.

In the end, the only way to fix the problem was to
delete the database. My other Progect database did not
seem to be affected.

The only thing special about this task name is that it
has a slash in it; but I just tried creating a brand
new task with a slash, and it did not cause any alerts.

I am attaching a minimal .pdb file that demonstrates
the problem.


  • Ian Dees
    Ian Dees

    Minimal .pdb file demonstrating the problem