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V 1.04 Released

* Stopped using adodb
* Sorting allows both ascending and descending now
* Cleaned up the code a bit
* Added a link to the project homepage to the footer

Posted by Lex Brugman 2005-09-12

Demo online

I've put a demo version online @
I will keep it up to date!

Posted by Lex Brugman 2004-11-29

V 1.03 Released

I've just released version 1.03.
The changelog:
* Added a sort function in the user section
* Made some layout changes in add/edit user and add group section

Posted by Lex Brugman 2004-11-29

Help wanted for website

I need somebody to make me a website for this project because i don't have time for that, if you are interested, please mail me @

Posted by Lex Brugman 2004-06-14