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Sylvain Doremus

Procedural Generator is an application that can load various image treatment pluggins.
The main application loads the pluggins, allows pluggin selection, displays computation results.
The pluggins' job is made in 2 steps :
- 1st step : CPU step : image computing using CPU computations.
- 2nd step : GPU step : image post-processing using GPU through GLSL shaders.
Some pluggins only use CPU step, such as Perlin Noise, Life Game, Diffusion Limited aggregation.
Others use only the GPU step, such as Shader Effects, Text Effects.
The GPU step uses OpenGL and allows the use of GLSL shaders.
The CPU step is multithreaded in order to fasten the computations.
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Screenshot thumbnail
To the road a ribbon
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Screenshot thumbnail
Perlin Noise (Turbulences)
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Life game
Screenshot thumbnail
Voronoï Diagram

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