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Probability and Stastics for python / News: Recent posts

0.912 released

* Bugfix, if the size of a combination wasn't in our lookup table, we returned 0. (lists of approx size 70 and below were in the table)

* John Hunter joins probstat as a developer

* compiles on windows

Posted by Jack Diederich 2002-10-12

new & improved (slices, PQueue, len)

All the algorithms were replaced with superior public-domain ones. General code cleanup. slices now supported. Random access now supported. len() supported. Priority Queue added

Posted by Jack Diederich 2002-09-07

support for Iterators

You can now use the returned objects as iterators, instead of repeatadly calling next() on the Permutation etc

for (item) in probstat.Permutation(range(4)):
print item

as an example

Posted by Jack Diederich 2002-08-15

Initial Release, probstat for Python

Initial release of C/Python bindings for doing simple probability
and statistics stuff, currently
* Combinations
* Permutations
* Cartesian product
* permutation of a combination

Posted by Jack Diederich 2002-08-09