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PrjPlanner - Agile Project Management / News: Recent posts

1000 download barrier broken!

The editors could not be more please.

We would also like to mention that more 1.x versions are planned and in the works.

Stay tuned!

Posted by Quentin Crain 2007-10-23

Version 1.1.0 released!

The editors are proud to announce that 1.1 has been packaged and available for download!

Go get 'em!

Posted by Quentin Crain 2007-10-13

Version 1.1 on the way!

Your editors are proud to announce that version 1.1 is almost complete! Updates to the SVN have been finished and final testing is under way and screenshots have been updated.

The major new feature in 1.1 is the ability to grow or shrink the task's sphere. A meaning can be given to this and is now displayed above the task -- along with its completeness and correctness.

The envisioned usage for this is to indicate things such as 'Risk', 'Priority', 'Importance', etc. So, a task may be made large and the meaning the user provides might be 'Risk' indicating the user believes this task is more risky.... read more

Posted by Quentin Crain 2007-10-13


We -- oops! -- you did it! You got us to the 900th download.

Your editors are thrilled!

Thanks everyone! Now, how about some feedback! (Will look into get'n it working on the Mac. Has anyone been successful?)

Posted by Quentin Crain 2007-09-30

People are still download'n PrjPlanner!

The editors are extremely please to note that 75 downloads have been reached! 25 more to break 100 downloads this month would be stupendous.

But more likely would be 11 downloads that would break 900 total downloads!

Now that would be great, eh?!

Posted by Quentin Crain 2007-09-25

Broke 800 downloads!

The editors are extremely pleased to report since our last update (on the 25th) that on or about the 28th of this month, the 800th download was reached!

This is an incredible 25 downloads in 3 days! Thanks again everyone!

Posted by Quentin Crain 2007-08-31

At this time: 776 downloads!

The editors are extremely pleased with the continued interest in PrjPlanner.

Thanks again everyone! (Comments and suggestions are welcomed.)

Posted by Quentin Crain 2007-08-25

500 dowloads!!

Another milestone: Today we saw our 500th download of PrjPlanner! Cool!

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded, and please stop by a forum or two and make a post.

Posted by Quentin Crain 2007-05-01

Hit 400 downloads!

PrjPlanner has reached on the last day of March its 400th download! Sweet!

Posted by Quentin Crain 2007-03-31

1.0.0 released!!

Your editors are ecstatic to announce PrjPlanner 1.0.0! After a good two months of effort and over 300 downloads, we feel we have a tool useful for developers and small-teams.

We thank everyone!

Posted by Quentin Crain 2007-03-24

Over 300 downloads!

The editors are extremely pleased that PrjPlanner has been downloaded -- prior to 1.0 -- over 300 times!

Thanks to each and every one of you. (A little feedback would be cool too! wink!)

Posted by Quentin Crain 2007-03-20

0.9.6 -- Final Release Candidate for 1.0

0.9.6 has just been released. It resolves a major bug with regard to emailing ToDo changes.

All users are recommended to upgrade.

Posted by Quentin Crain 2007-03-15

ToDo email bug fixed in SVN

Your editors have resolved a bug when adding or updating ToDos. New code has been checked into SVN. A new release will be forthcoming.

We also request the pleasure of your feedback! Please submit a Tracker for any issues you might have found, or come and particpate in a forum. Everyone is welcome!

Posted by Quentin Crain 2007-03-13

0.9.4 released!!

Your editors are happy to announce the second release candidate for 1.0: 0.9.4.

Enhancements include a fix for Windows and various UI enhancements.

An upgrade is recommended.

Posted by Quentin Crain 2007-03-12

0.9.2 released!

The editor proudly announce the 0.9.2 release of PrjPlanner! This release may be considered a release candidate for 1.0!

Updates since 0.9.0 include:

-- Emailing when adding or updating ToDos

-- UI usability fixes / enhancements

Posted by Quentin Crain 2007-03-11

Screenshots update for 0.9.0

All older screenshots have been removed and replaced with appropriate ones from 0.9.0.

Notice that the Tags and Backlog lists are now part of the main window.

PrjPlanner now has only 5 windows:

- Information Radiator (main win)
- Add / Update Tags
- Add / Update ToDos
- Add Task
- Help

Very simple indeed!

Posted by Quentin Crain 2007-03-10

0.9.0 released!!

This is a major update for your editors! PrjPlanner has dropped the methodology of iterations and replaced it with tagging.

Tasks are no longer grouped into iterations but instead are tagged. Tags are then used to manage tasks.

Previous news items have fleshed this out more fully. Please review them if you desire.

All users should upgrade to 0.9.0

Posted by Quentin Crain 2007-03-07

SVN updated: Iteration out, Tagging in

You editors are burning the candle at both ends to rip up and out iteration code and replace it with tagging code.

All iteration code is not gone. This means PrjPlanner from SVN is incompatible with your older existing XML files. To run the code in SVN, edit your XML file and remove all iteration tags and place all task tags inside of one tasks tag.

Code for tag handling does exist, but is not complete. When adding a task to the radiator or the backlog you will be asked for tags. Tags should be separated by a semi-colon ( ; ). Double-clicking on a task in the radiator will popup a dialog where you can edit its tags. Pressing 't' will bring up a list of all tags in all tasks (include backlog tasks).

Posted by Quentin Crain 2007-03-03

Freshmeat subscriber announcement about the changes

Your editors repost here the Freshmeat announcement about the major PrjPlanner changes occurring prior to 1.0.


Dear Subscribers:

First, I thank you for your interest in PrjPlanner. It is gladdening to know that other developers are tired of the over-weight project management solutions that exist ("Agile" or not) which are foisted on us and are looking for better tools.... read more

Posted by Quentin Crain 2007-03-03

Changes afoot for 1.0 !!!

The editors have just returned from a raucous meeting in which the direction of PrjPlanner was discussed.

It has been decided that release 1.0 will NOT include the idea of iterations, but will be replaced with tagging as the main management feature for developers.

Stay tuned and read the documents (when we post 'em that is! wink)

Posted by Quentin Crain 2007-03-03

0.8.8 issues on Windows

The editors have just noted a UI issue with version 0.8.8. The issue has to do with appropriately turning on/off task labels.

This issue has not impact on the actual functionality of the tool: The management of your software development projects through tasks, interations, and ToDos.

We will deliver a fix version for Windows users right away!

Posted by Quentin Crain 2007-03-02

Announced on freshmeat !!

Welcome FM'ers! Please download, browse the SVN, leaving messages in the forum(s), or otherwise enjoy yourselves!

Posted by Quentin Crain 2007-03-01

0.8.8 released!!

Your editors proudly welcome release 0.8.8! It includes improved task label handling, minor bugs fixes, and for those so inclined, much beautification to the code.


Posted by Quentin Crain 2007-03-01

The editors welcome a third developer!

The editors welcome Mike to the development team! Mike should be some real style to PrjPlanner's website -- something we know you are asking for.

Welcome Mike and y'all keep an eye on the website.

Posted by Quentin Crain 2007-02-25

Over 100 dowloads!!

The editors gleefully note that PrjPlanner has just recently past the 100 download mark!

They note that the trend indicates complete world domination May 15th, 2007 at 13:24. Mark your calendars!

Posted by Quentin Crain 2007-02-24