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Project Revelation v2.0 RC3 Released

After an eight-month hiatus from coding -- I got a little discouraged, trying to implement Revelation and finding failure -- I've discovered the problem! I'd like to thank a guy by the name of Andrew (last name omitted because I haven't talked to him since quarter to nine tonight, so I don't actually /have/ permission) for asking me a few questions about the project and renewing my interest!

So come on by the release page, check out RC3 and let me know -- by any means -- if you find something weird about the software. Heck, even if there isn't! I don't want to finalise this as version 2.0 until I can be absolutely certain that it's indeed a full implementation of MD5.

Posted by Matthew G P Coe 2003-08-12

Release Candidate 2 Updated

I was talking to the folks at RSA Data Security's Developer Services and, apparently, I don't need to refer to them at all; Project Revelation was coded without using their reference implementation. So, I've removed their licencing agreement from the code and re-released RC2. There is no change in the code whatsoever, so it feels justified to me. The debug version is also available in the 8 December nightly.... read more

Posted by Matthew G P Coe 2002-12-08

Project Revelation Attacked in the Newsgroups

Should I really be surprised? Of course there are going to be critics everywhere. I really shouldn't take them as an attack on me... They're just stating their opinions, and they have every right to do that...

But, from what I can tell, they haven't investigated the Project at all. They've looked at the little bit of information I put in the news posting and then formed conjecture based on that.

Did I ever say Paul Johnson made a horrible implementation of the algorithm? No. I didn't say that. He clearly has -- his just doesn't support Unicode fully. His strips out everything higher than the 8 least significant bits of the characters. I'm not saying it's necessarily wrong to do that. I just think it's important to take Unicode into consideration.... read more

Posted by Matthew G P Coe 2002-11-28

Project Revelation v2.0 RC1 Released!

Okay, I've opened up v2.0 RC1 for public download and implementation. RC1 has no debug code, it's ready to go. I'm uploading the nightly which includes the debug code if you think that there's something wrong.

Posted by Matthew G P Coe 2002-11-27

Last bug fixed!

Looks like that last bug's fixed. I'm going to do some last-stage bughunting... Nothing really in-depth, though, just looking for anomalous numbers.

Posted by Matthew G P Coe 2002-11-27

Project Revelation added to SourceForge

Cool. Looks like Project Revelation now has a home on SourceForge. I wish I'd thought of this earlier; I could have been tracking the bugs better. There were actually quite a few bugs in my first initial completion of the code. Just one bug to go, I think.

Posted by Matthew G P Coe 2002-11-27