#55 A bug with radar upgrades

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I'm unable to upgrade my Orion's radar from a B & S E.Y.E. to the B & S OMNI. Also, for some reason my MFD indicates I have two radars ( Hunter AW6 & B & S E.Y.E.). When I sell my B & S E.Y.E (and Hunter AW6) and attempt to purchase the OMNI, I get a "NO ROOM ON SHIP" message. Then, when I attempt to re-purchase another E.Y.E., I get the "NO ROOM ON SHIP" message again! Now (it gets weirder), when I attempt to purchase any radar type at all, I get the message "NO ROOM ON SHIP" even though I should have no radar! However, when I check the ship's hardware via the ship's MFD it indicates I have a Hunter AW6! HERES THE KICKER! When I use the "old upgrade/repair" computer at the ship dealer, it indicates I have "4" Hunter AW6 radar sets!! What's up with this??

In case you were wondering if I've done any hacking to the game application, the answer is no.