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Risk IDS and Oracle Workflow

You may be aware that Oracle has launched its new database 11g. In doing this that have stopped any further development on the Oracle Workflow element of the database. As such Risk IDS will be incompatible with 11g. This is not an immediate problem as most of our users are on 9i \ 10g.

Long term this is clearly unacceptable so Risk IDS in the next 3-6 months will be working hard to remove Oracle workflow from the code to be replaced with a custom (yet more basic) process flow system. This will make Risk IDS more stable and independent. I see the impact being minimal as most comments relating to Oracle workflow is that it is too cumbersome, unstable and inflexible. As a minimum we are going to retain the screen step functionality, event model and notifications (although monologue in the first release). I can promise you that it will be much easier to support! I am also pretty keen to include a data isolation for hosted environments and was held back by Oracle workflow, this will make Risk IDS more secure.... read more

Posted by Risk IDS 2008-01-29

New version of Risk IDS released.

Risk IDS has release version 1.0018 of the industries first and only credit card fraud prevention system. Updates include a more intuitive browsing interface and an improved installation process.

Posted by Risk IDS 2007-05-16

Risk IDS Released

The worlds first open source fraud prevention system for the bank card and financial services industry released.

Posted by Risk IDS 2006-11-19