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PrestaShop e-Commerce Solution v1.0 RC4 released

The release date of PrestaShop e-Commerce Solution version 1.0 stable is fast approaching!

The following represents the latest roadmap of major changes to be made since v0.9.7. There will be other, minor features included, as well.

[Please note that PrestaShop reserves the right to alter this roadmap at any time.]

+ New default theme. We believe that in order to take PrestaShop to the next level in e-Commerce, we needed to improve our default graphic interface on a few key levels.... read more

Posted by Peter @ PrestaShop 2008-06-27

PrestaShop e-Commerce Solution v0.9.7 released

With the release of PrestaShop versions 0.9.6 and now 0.9.7, the beta phase of development enters its final stage. There’s a lot yet to be done, but we’re starting to get excited about the upcoming delivery of our official stable version, PrestaShop 1.0.

Much of our excitement comes from the reactions we’ve been getting of late from our terrific user community and the Web community at large.

Within the past month, PrestaShop has been mentioned favorably on well-known software review Websites such as Webappers, FeedMyApp, Killer Startups, and Web Resources Depot.... read more

Posted by Peter @ PrestaShop 2008-02-19

PrestaShop e-Commerce solution v0.9.5 released

Get the checkered flag ready. The race to PrestaShop v1.0 is in the final stretch.

Yes, version 0.9.5 is still a beta. There are bugs. But it’s the most sophisticated and stable build so far. To us, PrestaShop software is finally starting to resemble the PrestaShop of all those flowcharts, business plans, PowerPoint presentations, and late-night brainstorming sessions.

However, now is not the time for nostalgia. The final push has only just begun—-the goal is to release our official 1.0 version of the PrestaShop e-Commerce Solution in just over a month.... read more

Posted by Peter @ PrestaShop 2008-01-16

PrestaShop e-Commerce solution v0.9 released

PrestaShop v0.9 is a full-featured, cross-platform, POS eCommerce/shopping cart solution for businesses of all sizes. Open-source and Web-based (PHP5), PrestaShop is customizable, stable, and "weighs" only 1.88 MB for a quick and easy installation.

Hundreds of bugs were fixed for version 0.9. Here’s an incomplete list of improvements:

+ New Installer & Updater wizard. Re-built wizard from scratch in order to help our users get PrestaShop up and running as quickly and as easily as possible. Users of v0.8.5 or v0.8.5.1 can now update to the latest version of PrestaShop in just two clicks! Plus, snazzy new interface written in Ajax.... read more

Posted by Peter @ PrestaShop 2007-12-05

PrestaShop e-Commerce solution 0.8.5 released

PrestaShop is a full-featured, cross-platform, POS eCommerce solution for businesses of all sizes. It also happens to be free (OSL) and Open-Source!

PrestaShop e-Commerce software v0.85 features improved English and French translations, a Chinese translation, a multi-image uploader, and a new Quick Access menu. Bugs that had affected Statistics, Paypal™, IE 6, and the Google™ Sitemap are among the many fixed with this release.... read more

Posted by Peter @ PrestaShop 2007-11-02