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Presage / News: Recent posts

Presage 0.8.9 released

Presage 0.8.9 is now available for download.

Presage 0.8.9 comes with a number of small enhancements and several
fixes. No major features were added in this release. Presage 0.8.9 is
a minor mantainance release.

Presage 0.8.9 fixes several issues uncovered by static code analysis
tools. Enhancements to the Notepad++ plugin and the Windows installer
have been added. Bugs affecting the concurrent execution of the
internal testsuite have been fixed. Issues affecting the build system
have been fixed.... read more

Posted by Matteo Vescovi 2013-08-17

Presage 0.8.5 released

Presage 0.8.5 is now available for download.

Presage 0.8.5 now offers a new C API to libpresage, in addition to the C++ and Python APIs. gprompter is now written in plain C and uses the new libpresage C API.

Presage 0.8.5 brings improvements to the experimental D-BUS service interface and start-stop scripts. A D-BUS python example client is also provided.

Presage 0.8.5 comes with a number of other enhancements and fixes. Please see the ChangeLog for more details.... read more

Posted by Matteo Vescovi 2011-04-03