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Overlapping edges.

  • Fer Madeiral
    Fer Madeiral


    I have an aggregate view, and in this view can exists a node that is linked with another node with more than one edge. But, in this case, I only see one edge, because the edges that connect these two nodes is overlapping.

    How change this situation?

    F. Madeiral.

  • Kevin

    I'm by no means an expert, but I think the thing to do would be to extend EdgeRenderer so that it draws the edges in a non-overlapping way.  When drawing each edge, the EdgeRenderer could consider how many other edges exist between the nodes, and sort them into some consistent order so that it knows the ordinal position of the one it is currently drawing.

  • Björn Kruse
    Björn Kruse

    If you search this forum for "multiedge renderer" or similar - if I remember right - you'll find a  few discussions and examples.
    regards, Björn