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What are attraction and bounds for?

  • Hi,

    1) When I create a simulation with new Simulation(gx,gy,drag,attraction), the "attraction" parameter doesn't seem to have any effect at all. It seems that regardless of what value you pass, there is a very small negative attraction (i.e. repulsion) among all particles (they tend to drift away slowly).
    What is this parameter supposed to do?

    2) Same question for the "bounds" property. According to documentation it is a bounding box for the particles in the simulation. However, even though I set this property to a given rectangle, nothing changes, and the particles will eventually go outside of this box if the forces push them outside it. It has no effect. So what is it supposed to be for?

    What am I missing?

  • Sorry, FORGET ABOUT THIS  (I can't seem to delete my own post nor even edit the title, can I?)

    I had accidentally duplicated the line where I create the simulation and I was changing the first one, so then I was recreating the simulation with default values. Silly error.