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[f968e9] by Gustavo Niemeyer Gustavo Niemeyer

Made MAX_UNTIL/MIN_UNTIL code more coherent about mark protection,
accordingly to further discussions with Greg Chapman in patch #712900.

2003-04-22 15:39:09 Tree
[051a4f] by Jeremy Hylton Jeremy Hylton

Only produce a dotted module name when writing output to a separate

2003-04-22 15:35:51 Tree
[ac8dbb] by Fred Drake Fred Drake

- explain the start argument to sum()
- various adjustments to sum() markup and explanation

2003-04-22 14:52:08 Tree
[de6d1e] by Jack Jansen Jack Jansen

If not icon file is specified use the default Python Applet icons.
Fixes 719303.

2003-04-22 14:33:48 Tree
[9ea0cc] by Fred Drake Fred Drake

Fix some markup nits.

2003-04-22 14:30:53 Tree
[89205f] by Jack Jansen Jack Jansen

Only return a warning message about not all files being unpacked if there
were indeed files that weren't unpacked.

2003-04-22 13:56:19 Tree
[8160bc] by Jack Jansen Jack Jansen

Allow setting the auto dispose flag on window objects.

2003-04-22 13:55:23 Tree
[4649f3] by Jack Jansen Jack Jansen

Hiding packages was done incorrectly. Fixed.

2003-04-22 13:53:33 Tree
[03af46] by Mark Hammond Mark Hammond

PyGILState cleanup was too early - destructors called via module cleanup may use the API.

2003-04-22 11:18:00 Tree
[5e6ffa] by Walter D?rwald Walter D?rwald

Change test_pwd and test_grp so they can handle duplicate user
and group names. This should fix SF bug #724771.

2003-04-22 11:05:57 Tree
[16ef5b] by Alex Martelli Alex Martelli

fixed a potential refcount bug (thanks Raymond!).

2003-04-22 09:24:48 Tree
[13d0a3] by Alex Martelli Alex Martelli

Adding new built-in function sum, with docs and tests.

2003-04-22 08:12:33 Tree
[ab4fbf] by Raymond Hettinger Raymond Hettinger

Improved the bytecode optimizer.
* Can now test for basic blocks.
* Optimize inverted comparisions.
* Optimize unary_not followed by a conditional jump.
* Added a new opcode, NOP, to keep code size constant.
* Applied NOP to previous transformations where appropriate.

Note, the NOP would not be necessary if other functions were
added to re-target jump addresses and update the co_lnotab mapping.
That would yield slightly faster and cleaner bytecode at the
expense of optimizer simplicity and of keeping it decoupled
from the line-numbering structure.

2003-04-22 06:49:11 Tree
[1d8e84] by Andrew MacIntyre Andrew MacIntyre

minor cleanups and whitespace normalisation

2003-04-22 03:21:42 Tree
[ec2a0f] by Neal Norwitz Neal Norwitz

Get test_capi & test_getargs2 to pass on alphas
* UINT_MAX -> ULONG_MAX since we are dealing with longs
* ParseTuple needs &int for 'i' and &long for 'l'
There may be a better way to do this, but this works.

2003-04-22 01:28:57 Tree
[d08d15] by Jeremy Hylton Jeremy Hylton

Add helper function to get module name taking packages into account.

2003-04-21 22:49:17 Tree
[d3127b] by Jeremy Hylton Jeremy Hylton

Holistic refactoring.

Remove "." in coverage output for lines with comments.
Silence complaints in coverage output about unexecuted docstrings.

Eliminate use of inspect module in favor of direct access to frame and
code objects. We're in a trace function here: Efficiency counts!

Remove unused code. Reflow long lines.

Remove backwards compatibility for stored trace output from Zooko's
experiment to add calledfuncs to the pickled dict.

Move code to generate per-file coverage stats to a separate routine.

Replace use of parser module with call to compile.

2003-04-21 22:04:46 Tree
[820d95] by Jeremy Hylton Jeremy Hylton

Add a useful docstring to enumerate.

2003-04-21 20:26:25 Tree
[149bd0] by Andrew MacIntyre Andrew MacIntyre

Makefile & config.c:
- restructure build for modules now in Python DLL

- clean out old cruft no longer appropriate now that EMX port builds
from CVS
- reflect move of modules into core DLL
- add section on building from source

2003-04-21 14:33:04 Tree
[29f3b2] by Andrew MacIntyre Andrew MacIntyre

- add _csv module to the build list
- various cleanups

- various cleanups

- various cleanups

2003-04-21 14:28:01 Tree
[edcfdb] by Andrew MacIntyre Andrew MacIntyre

apply Mark Hammond's PEP 311 changes to the EMX ripoff of the Windows
popen234 code

2003-04-21 14:22:36 Tree
[de7690] by Andrew MacIntyre Andrew MacIntyre

- DosSetExtLIBPATH objects to a NULL pointer, but a pointer to a NULL
string does what is expected (ie unset [BEGIN|END]LIBPATH)

- set the size of the DosQuerySysInfo buffer correctly; it was safe,
but incorrect (allowing a 1 element overrun)

2003-04-21 14:19:51 Tree
[52930b] by Greg Ward Greg Ward

Test suite for optparse. This is a slightly-edited copy of
test/test_optik.py (rev 1.19) from the Optik CVS.

2003-04-21 02:41:25 Tree
[be1497] by Greg Ward Greg Ward

Update to Optik 1.4.1; here are the relevant bits of the change log:

* Fixed some long-hidden bugs revealed by the new PyUnit-based
test suite (thanks to Johannes Gijsbers the new test suite,
improved tests that caught the bugs, and the bug fixes).

* Make store_true/store_false store True/False rather than 1/0.

Details available in Optik's CVS repository.

2003-04-21 02:40:34 Tree
[fa7874] by Gustavo Niemeyer Gustavo Niemeyer

More work on bug #672491 and patch #712900.

I've applied a modified version of Greg Chapman's patch. I've included
the fixes without introducing the reorganization mentioned, for the sake
of stability. Also, the second fix mentioned in the patch don't fix the
mentioned problem anymore, because of the change introduced by patch
#720991 (by Greg as well). The new fix wasn't complicated though, and is
included as well.

As a note. It seems that there are other places that require the
"protection" of LASTMARK_SAVE()/LASTMARK_RESTORE(), and are just waiting
for someone to find how to break them. Particularly, I belive that every
recursion of SRE_MATCH() should be protected by these macros. I won't
do that right now since I'm not completely sure about this, and we don't
have much time for testing until the next release.

2003-04-20 07:35:44 Tree
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