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File Date Author Commit
RPM 2003-10-19 Martin v. Löwis Martin v. Löwis [a28a83] Patch #823259: Update spec file:
ACKS 2003-10-14 Brett Cannon Brett Cannon [5a1d3b] Added Bjorn Pettersen for initial conversion of...
AIX-NOTES 2003-06-08 Neal Norwitz Neal Norwitz [24fff3] The fix to use . was incorporated
BeOS-NOTES 2001-04-10 Guido van Rossum Guido van Rossum [863e80] Completely revamped BeOS notes, by Donn Cave (S... 2002-06-14 Guido van Rossum Guido van Rossum [8e6760] SF patch 568629 by Oren Tirosh: types made call...
HISTORY 2003-10-20 Walter Dörwald Walter Dörwald [651fc8] Fix a bunch of typos in documentation, docstrin...
NEWS 2003-10-25 Alex Martelli Alex Martelli [3e3d53] document the performance fix to builtin_sum(). 2003-01-03 David Goodger David Goodger [188416] Updated (2.3 OK now)
PURIFY.README 1997-10-07 Barry Warsaw Barry Warsaw [053bba] Updated for Python 1.5, including my experience...
Porting 2001-07-26 Martin v. Löwis Martin v. Löwis [2dea40] Patch #411138: Rename config.h to pyconfig.h. ...
README 2003-08-11 Michael W. Hudson Michael W. Hudson [b8623b] mention pymemcompat.h in Misc/README
RFD 1994-01-26 Guido van Rossum Guido van Rossum [c9b3f7] Initial revision
SpecialBuilds.txt 2003-04-18 Tim Peters Tim Peters [0d8d4c] _Py_PrintReferenceAddresses(): also print the ...
cheatsheet 2003-07-12 Raymond Hettinger Raymond Hettinger [09da9e] Update for new module and new builtin. 2000-08-31 Jeremy Hylton Jeremy Hylton [7d40bd] script that reports a fairly safe recursionlimi...
gdbinit 2003-10-03 Jeremy Hylton Jeremy Hylton [5ea0fd] A helper to dump info about the current frame, 1994-09-14 Guido van Rossum Guido van Rossum [b7de67] Some new files...
pymemcompat.h 2002-08-22 Michael W. Hudson Michael W. Hudson [2b66ad] Fix grammatically inept comment.
python-mode.el 2003-08-01 Skip Montanaro Skip Montanaro [43c977] delete the f1 key binding. py-help-at-point is... 2003-05-26 Martin v. Löwis Martin v. Löwis [a9d778] Remove -U from argument list.
setuid-prog.c 1998-09-10 Jeremy Hylton Jeremy Hylton [d4eb35] correct bogus instructions 'ccoment out' -> 'un...
vgrindefs 2001-08-06 Andrew M. Kuchling Andrew M. Kuchling [bb85cc] Add 'yield' as a keyword

Read Me

Python Misc subdirectory

This directory contains files that wouldn't fit in elsewhere.  Some
documents are only of historic importance.

Files found here

ACKS		Acknowledgements
AIX-NOTES	Notes for building Python on AIX
BeOS-NOTES	Notes for building on BeOS replacement for BeOS, see BeOS-NOTES
cheatsheet	Quick summary of Python by Ken Manheimer  Script to find a value for sys.maxrecursionlimit
gdbinit		Handy stuff to put in your .gdbinit file, if you use gdb
HISTORY		News from previous releases -- oldest last
HPUX-NOTES	Notes about dynamic loading under HP-UX	GNU indent profile approximating my C style
NEWS		News for this release (for some meaning of "this")
Porting		Mini-FAQ on porting to new platforms
PURIFY.README	Information for Purify users
pymemcompat.h	Memory interface compatibility file.	UNIX man page for the python interpreter
python-mode.el	Emacs mode for editing Python programs
README		The file you're reading now
RFD		Request For Discussion about a Python newsgroup
RPM		(Old) tools to build RPMs
SpecialBuilds.txt     Describes extra symbols you can set for debug builds
setuid-prog.c	C helper program for set-uid Python scripts
vgrindefs	Python configuration for vgrind (a generic pretty printer)