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[b62998] by Thomas Heller Thomas Heller

Raw documentation for the bdist_wininst postinstallation script.
People are already using it, so these docs are certainly better than
no docs at all. Markup is mostly missing and the layout is probably
ugly, but this can be fixed later.

Question: there are references to MS docs for the CSIDL_... constants
and the IShellLink interface. Are these pointers sufficient, or should
the MS docs reworded and repeated here?

2002-12-12 18:54:19 Tree
[9e751e] by Jason Tishler Jason Tishler

Patch #551960: Add check for setrlimit() support

test_resource calls resource.setrlimit() to change the file size limits.
This fails on Cygwin, which supports setrlimit() and getrlimit(), just not
changing that particular setting. (The same would apply to any other
platform that has those functions but not that particular feature.)

Since getrlimit() works and setrlimit() can be used for other reasons, a
check for ValueError was added to that part of the test.

2002-12-12 18:13:36 Tree
[3be4f5] by Marc-Andr? Lemburg Marc-Andr? Lemburg

News item for the change to turn _codecs into a builtin module.

2002-12-12 18:01:43 Tree
[20e075] by Marc-Andr? Lemburg Marc-Andr? Lemburg

Patch to make _codecs a builtin module. This is necessary since
Python 2.3 will support source code encodings which rely on the
builtin codecs being available to the parser.

Remove struct dependency from codecs.py

2002-12-12 17:37:50 Tree
[027852] by Greg Ward Greg Ward

Typo fix.

2002-12-12 17:35:45 Tree
[2c7bdb] by Greg Ward Greg Ward

Hardcode the recognized whitespace characters to the US-ASCII whitespace
chars. See the comment for rationale.

2002-12-12 17:24:35 Tree
[28bc2d] by Martin v. L?wis Martin v. L?wis

Support threads-enabled Tcl installations.

2002-12-12 17:07:58 Tree
[97f835] by Walter D?rwald Walter D?rwald

Enhance issubclass() and PyObject_IsSubclass() so that a tuple is
supported as the second argument. This has the same meaning as
for isinstance(), i.e. issubclass(X, (A, B)) is equivalent
to issubclass(X, A) or issubclass(X, B). Compared to isinstance(),
this patch does not search the tuple recursively for classes, i.e.
any entry in the tuple that is not a class, will result in a

This closes SF patch #649608.

2002-12-12 16:41:44 Tree
[877199] by Just van Rossum Just van Rossum

Patch #651621, approved by MvL.

This patch allows ZipFile.writestr() to be called with
an archive file name instead of a ZipInfo instance:

z = ZipFile("myarchive.zip", "w")
z.writestr("foo/baz/file.ext", data)

I found the old writestr() method very inconvenient
for simple (but common) things.

If called with a file name instead of a ZipInfo
instance, the date_time is set to the current date/time,
which makes sense to me for anonymous data.

2002-12-12 12:23:32 Tree
[74d1ad] by Jack Jansen Jack Jansen

Getting rid of pre-Carbon (MacOS8) support. All code depending on
TARGET_API_MAC_OSX conditional code is gone, because it is no longer
used on OSX-only Python (only in MacPython-OS9).

2002-12-12 10:31:54 Tree
[2fab0b] by Jeremy Hylton Jeremy Hylton

Correct buggy module docstring.
Replace use of homebrew boolean with True/False.

Reflow lots more long lines.

2002-12-11 21:43:13 Tree
[14f53b] by Jeremy Hylton Jeremy Hylton

Fix one bug and reformat lots of code.

The bug is a reference to co_first_lineno that should be
co_firstlineno. The only other substantial change is to speed up
localtrace_count() by avoiding *costly* calls to inspect module.
It's trivial to get the filename and lineno directly from the frame.

Otherwise, delete commented out debug code and reflow very long lines.

2002-12-11 21:28:32 Tree
[e39e74] by Martin v. L?wis Martin v. L?wis

This is not used anymore.

2002-12-11 19:55:48 Tree
[9db396] by Tim Peters Tim Peters

Made the _ssl subproject depend on the w9xpopen subproject, because
build_ssl.py requires os.popen().

2002-12-11 17:50:24 Tree
[378ce0] by Greg Ward Greg Ward

Add OSS mixer interface (from Nicholas FitzRoy-Dale <wzdd@lardcave.net>):
* add oss_mixer_t and OSSMixerType
* add newossmixerobject(), oss_mixer_dealloc(), ossopenmixer()
* add _do_ioctl_1_internal() to support mixer ioctls
* add mixer methods: oss_mixer_{close,fileno,channels,stereo_channels,
* add oss_mixer_methods list
* add oss_mixer_getattr() (why?!)
* export SOUND_MIXER_* constants from soundcard.h

2002-12-11 15:12:01 Tree
[af5119] by Andrew M. Kuchling Andrew M. Kuchling

Various additions and changes suggested by Raymond Hettinger

2002-12-11 15:03:51 Tree
[bfb266] by Greg Ward Greg Ward

Prepare for the coming mixer support patch: change _do_ioctl_0() and
_do_ioctl_1() so they take a file descriptor rather than an oss_t

2002-12-11 14:49:59 Tree
[c163ed] by Greg Ward Greg Ward

Finish expunging the 'linuxaudiodev' name:
* rename oss_t to lad_t, Ladtype to OSSType,
* rename lad_*() methods to oss_*()
* rename lad_methods list to oss_methods
Patch and impetus supplied by Nicholas FitzRoy-Dale <wzdd@lardcave.net>.

2002-12-11 14:43:13 Tree
[cc05c2] by Martin v. L?wis Martin v. L?wis

Constify filenames and scripts. Fixes #651362.

2002-12-11 14:04:59 Tree
[75bfc2] by Greg Ward Greg Ward

Tweak generation of unicode_whitespace_trans -- clearer, more
efficient. Suggested by MAL.

2002-12-11 13:54:20 Tree
[ecea84] by Martin v. L?wis Martin v. L?wis

Constify char* API. Fixes #651363. 2.2 candidate.

2002-12-11 13:21:12 Tree
[56dbd9] by Martin v. L?wis Martin v. L?wis

Patch #650415: Avoid redefinition of macros.

2002-12-11 13:12:30 Tree
[7ddea4] by Martin v. L?wis Martin v. L?wis

Patch #650422: Use Posix AF_ constants instead of PF_ ones.

2002-12-11 13:10:57 Tree
[3084bf] by Martin v. L?wis Martin v. L?wis

Patch #650834: Document 'U' in file mode, remove stale variables.

2002-12-11 13:06:53 Tree
[c35768] by Martin v. L?wis Martin v. L?wis

Patch #651006: Better explain what component might be empty.

2002-12-11 12:55:53 Tree
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