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The example_nt directory was old enough to vote. Frank Stajano

pointed out some of the problems he had following the instructions,
and I stumbled into the others: MSVC has changed in several
respects, Python has changed the directories into which it builds
its own Windows outputs, and we grew the unusual scheme of
appending "_d" to the names of debug-mode output files.

This should all work with VC6 + CVS Python now. Some other Windows
geek please confirm! And the less you know, the better <0.5 wink>.

Explanations and examples for versions of MSVC before 6, and
versions of Python before 2.0b1, have been removed, because
they're too different and so confuse life. This last step I OK'ed
with Guido first (indeed, 'twas his idea!).

Tim Peters Tim Peters 2000-07-02

removed PC/example_nt/example.mak
changed PC/example_nt/example.dsp
changed PC/example_nt/example.dsw
changed PC/example_nt/readme.txt
File was removed.
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