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cpython Log

Commit Date  
[3f5276] by Thomas Heller Thomas Heller

The bdist_wininst.py command has been recreated after wininst.exe
has been changed to include an uninstaller.
I forgot to mention in the uninstaller checkin that the logfile
name (used for uninstalling) has been changed from
<module>.log to <module>-wininst.log. This should prevent
conflicts with a distutils logfile serving the same purpose.

The short form of the --bdist-dir (-d) option has been removed
because it caused conflicts with the short form of the --dist-dir

2001-03-16 20:57:37 Tree
[dc0f62] by Fred Drake Fred Drake

Add documentation for SGMLParser.handle_decl().

2001-03-16 20:39:41 Tree
[a1066e] by Fred Drake Fred Drake

Change RuntimeError to SGMLParseError, which subclasses RuntimeError
for backward compatibility.

Add support for SGML declaration syntax (<!....>) to some reasonable
degree. This does not support everything allowed in SGML, but should
work with "real" HTML (internal subset in a DOCTYPE is not handled).
The content of the declaration is passed to the .handle_decl() method,
which can be overridden by subclasses.

2001-03-16 20:04:57 Tree
[797ebb] by Fred Drake Fred Drake

Finally fill in the documentation for the PyDict_Next() function. It is
different enough to actually require an explanation. ;-)

Fix a couple of PyDictObject* types that should be PyObject* types.

2001-03-16 15:41:29 Tree
[14b7a7] by Neil Schemenauer Neil Schemenauer

Install the Python DLL with execute priviledge set. This is required for
Cygwin Python to startup correctly when in ntsec mode. Cygwin operating in
this mode is probably not the only system with this requirement.

2001-03-16 11:50:43 Tree
[743296] by Tim Peters Tim Peters

Whitespace normalization.

2001-03-16 08:29:48 Tree
[4e6f14] by Jack Jansen Jack Jansen

Files for second 2.1b1 distribution.

2001-03-15 14:41:01 Tree
[d58e93] by Jack Jansen Jack Jansen

FindFolder argument is a short, not an unsigned short.
Added kLocalDomain and friends.

2001-03-15 14:39:37 Tree
[7a4175] by Jack Jansen Jack Jansen

Handle the apple menu differently under Carbon.

2001-03-15 14:39:03 Tree
[7eb5a6] by Jack Jansen Jack Jansen

FindFolder argument is a short, not an unsigned short.

2001-03-15 14:38:10 Tree
[bd40b1] by Jack Jansen Jack Jansen

Added QDFlushPortBuffer calls.

2001-03-15 14:35:33 Tree
[5e6ab9] by Jack Jansen Jack Jansen

Import kOnSystemDisk from MACFS

2001-03-15 14:33:24 Tree
[1f700a] by Jack Jansen Jack Jansen

Look for shared libraries first in kLocalDomain and then in kOnSystemDisk.
Don't do sys.prefix==os.getcwd() check unless we're an applet.

2001-03-15 14:28:40 Tree
[ff75c3] by Jack Jansen Jack Jansen

Files for second 2.1b1 distribution.

2001-03-15 14:27:09 Tree
[6ca72d] by Ka-Ping Yee Ka-Ping Yee

Remove redundant "__future__:" from module docstring.

2001-03-15 10:45:44 Tree
[eb4366] by Fred Drake Fred Drake

Import the exceptions that this module can raise.

2001-03-14 22:43:47 Tree
[3375a2] by Jeremy Hylton Jeremy Hylton

Add doc string for run from profile.doc. (pydoc motivates me to write
good doc strings.)

Fix silly argument handling; was using *args but really wanted 1
optional arg.

XXX Should profile.doc be merged into the documentation and removed
from the Lib directory?

2001-03-14 20:01:19 Tree
[7bb125] by Sjoerd Mullender Sjoerd Mullender

Moved clearing of "literal" flag. The flag is set in setliteral which
can be called from a start tag handler. When the corresponding end
tag is read the flag is cleared. However, it didn't get cleared when
the start tag was for an empty element of the type <tag .../>. This
modification fixes the problem.

2001-03-14 17:03:30 Tree
[095b80] by Fred Drake Fred Drake

Change "[%s]" % string.whitespace to r"\s" in regular expressions.

2001-03-14 16:18:56 Tree
[5d68af] by Skip Montanaro Skip Montanaro

updated __all__ to include several other names

2001-03-13 19:47:16 Tree
[220b62] by Fred Drake Fred Drake

Add some LaTeX magic so that Latin-1 characters do not get so badly

2001-03-13 17:56:08 Tree
[420a07] by Martin v. L?wis Martin v. L?wis

Patch #407965: Improve Level 2 conformance of minidom
- addition of a DocumentFragment implementation and createDocumentFragment method
- proper setting of ownerDocument for all nodes
- setting of namespaceURI to None in Element as a class attribute
- addition of setAttributeNodeNS and removeAttributeNodeNS as aliases
for setAttributeNode and removeAttributeNode
- support for inheriting from DOMImplementation to extend it with
additional features (to override the Document class)
in pulldom:
- support for nodes (comment and PI) that occur before he document element;
that became necessary as pulldom now delays creation of the document
until it has the document element.

2001-03-13 10:50:13 Tree
[ad7417] by Guido van Rossum Guido van Rossum

Oops. A RISCOS patch I forgot to check in.

2001-03-13 09:31:07 Tree
[7e1e67] by Jeremy Hylton Jeremy Hylton

Add test to verify that nested functions with free variables don't
cause the free variables to leak.

2001-03-13 02:01:12 Tree
[ba81d7] by Jeremy Hylton Jeremy Hylton

Variety of small INC/DECREF patches that fix reported memory leaks
with free variables. Thanks to Martin v. Loewis for finding two of
the problems. This fixes SF buf 405583.

There is also a C API change: PyFrame_New() is reverting to its
pre-2.1 signature. The change introduced by nested scopes was a
mistake. XXX Is this okay between beta releases?

cell_clear(), the GC helper, must decref its reference to break

frame_dealloc() must dealloc all cell vars and free vars in addition
to locals.

eval_code2() setup code must INCREF cells it copies out of the

The STORE_DEREF opcode implementation must DECREF the object it passes
to PyCell_Set().

2001-03-13 01:58:22 Tree
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