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#23 No darkness in distance

Joachim Otahal

One of the great 3D enhancements of doom was the effect
that it goes dark in the distance. This is completely
missing in all gl versions of doom. It would undoubtly
look great if that would be emulated (like dark fog).
There are a lot of levels relying on that effect, like
Monster Condo from Doom2. I doubt it would be easy
since if cannot be just dark fog, 'cause bright sectors
shouldn't be invisible behind fog-darkened sectors. (I
could live with this though..)


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    Open gl_main.c in the current source release of prboom (2.2.3) &
    go to line 40 (or look for 'boolean use_fog'), change the
    'false' to a 'true'. then go to line 56 (or look for 'int
    fog_density'), change the number there (probably 200) to
    '75'. Recompile with your favorite compiler and run...
    Please note that the values I gave are for my system, I'm
    running a geforce4 ti 4600 with the latest drivers, a
    different bd/driver combo may need different values. Also
    there are
    other bits of code related to the above code, the rest of
    the code involved seems to be fine as is.


  • Joachim Otahal
    Joachim Otahal

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    If have no problem digging around the code (thx for the
    info), but I cannot compile it. I am missing a large number
    of libraries on linux and cannot compile a win32 eecutable
    there. Can this be optionized (including the fog strength) ?
    Either in .cfg file, on cmdline or within pbroom menu ?
    Something for the next version..