#11 no floor flooding in GL mode

Andrey Budko

few bugs in eternall doom with textures on some levels
glboom.exe -file ETERNAL.WAD -playdemo warp3.lmp


  • Andrey Budko
    Andrey Budko


  • Colin Phipps
    Colin Phipps

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    To be accurate, there's no problem with the textures that
    are actually there; but the GL version doesn't render
    missing textures. This differs significantly from the
    non-GL renderer; due to a quirk of the way the original
    Doom renderer handles floors, small patches of missing
    texture get flooded over by floor texture, so aren't
    noticed. This trick is used deliberately by some levels,
    such as eternal map03.

    Emulating that quirk in the GL renderer would be extremely

  • Colin Phipps
    Colin Phipps

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    • summary: eternal texture bug --> no floor flooding in GL mode
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    Some common cases are already emulated. For example the standard deep water effect. Some of this stuff
    is in r_segs.c as far as I remember. I commented it to some extend.

  • Colin Phipps
    Colin Phipps

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  • Colin Phipps
    Colin Phipps

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    Ah OK, I've read it over and understand the problem now.
    It's an anomaly in the level, that it relies on the flat
    flooding effect for the ceiling in the pillars-and-lights
    room, but there is an upper texture between two sectors
    which rely on this. This defeats PrBoom's special effects
    detector, which assumes that if you put in an upper
    texture then you don't want it concealed by a fake ceiling
    - but in fact this level relies on it.

    Very hard to correct - the only way I can see is to do
    geometry calculations to work out that the upper texture
    was never in practice visible with the original Doom
    engine and so need not be considered. Yuk.

  • Colin Phipps
    Colin Phipps

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    I just browsed bugs, played the demo, then played doom, and
    found exactely the same effect at E4M1 with the NIN symbols
    at the ceiling.
    Original Ultimate Doom shows the "correct" ceiling.

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    Speaking of Eternal Doom, the "Credits" level suffers some
    pretty bizarre effects too. Load eternal.wad and
    credits.wad and you'll see what I mean. The flickering white
    ceiling texture over the starting point, first key, and exit are
    all accompanied by a flickering stone texture on the floor
    beneath them. Is this also related to the flooding effect?

  • Barry Mead
    Barry Mead

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    get bsp-5.1.zip from http://doombsp.sourceforge.net/
    Go to the downloads link from this page and get the file.
    The zip version is for windows. There is also a tar.gz
    version if you use linux. Run the ETERNAL.WAD file through
    the new bsp and it will fix the missing floor problems for you!

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