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No sound Prboom 2.2.6

  • vaclav042


    I recently upgraded my Linux (ppc) distro (YDL 3), and have been trying to compile and run prboom. 2.3.x compiles apparently cleanly, but Seg-faults immediately on launch. 2.2.6 runs beautifully, but gives no sound at all. The sound card module (dmasound_pmac) is loading, and XMMS plays sounds fine (using the libOSS output). The problem is there whether or not I enable esd. Setting a+rw permissions on /dev/dsp and /dev/mixer didn't help (I found that as a suggestion somewhere else).
    The only error I can see in the prboom startup is:

    I_InitSound: couldn't open audio with desired format

    An old version of Lxdoom does give sounds, but with a 2-3 second delay, which was suggested to be a sound server problem. However, I don't know what sound server prboom (or lxdoom)  is using - like I said, I don't have the Gnome server (esd) running. Could someone tell me if they have found or overcome this problem, or heard about how to fix it?

    Anything fromt he authors about how prboom is sending sound out (is it summoning a sound server?), or what that error might indicate?



    • PrBoom uses SDL, so you would have to get SDL working correctly.
      I can't say more about this, as I don't use Unix.

      Florian Schulze

    • vaclav042

      Just for the record, this problem was solved by removing the SDL libraries that came with my distro and compiling and installing SDL, SDL_mixer and SDL_net from source code; since it has been a problem reported elsewhere, I kept out support for arts from SDL. Then I recompiled prboom, and the sound comes through nicely now.

      Version 2.3 still crashes with a segmentation fault as soon as it launches, but v 2.2 is running OK.