PrBoom Launcher 1.0 Stable

  • Alberto Saez
    Alberto Saez

    I am subscribed to the Mailing list, but i dunno really if the previous message i sent just half an hour ago, has really reached all the users of the mailing list, so i include here the (near) original message again:

    Ok, I dont remember if I announced the PrBoom launcher, a small application for Linux user, to allow the user to launch PrBoom faster and easyly.
    So, some time ago I released the PrBoom Launcher Beta, the first unstable and kindy buggy first version of PrBoom Launcher.

    And now, just from my Ubuntu 7.01 ALPHA :P, comes PrBoom Launcher 1.0 Stable release. That means:
    1.- All major bugs have been fixed
    2.- All TODO list expected points *for this version* have been done
    3.- Completely tested into my computer and some other friend's computers with different distros and/or hardware
    4.- New Look and new functionalities.
    5.- Makes you happier and a better person :-P

    - A Doom, Doom ][ or any other IWAD supported by PrBoom, (
    - Gambas Runtime Environment (GRE), downloadable from all common repositories of nearly all distros (for example, apt-get install gambas, or
    - PrBoom, installed at system level or at your personal folder, (I think everybody here knows where to get this ;-) )
    - Linux, of course. (same as above, ok?)

    Here, the list of changes from version BETA to 1.0 Stable:

    a) All major bugs fixed. Maybe some minor bugs,
    b) Now it is possible to load easyly our own cofiguration file for the PrBoom Launcher,
    c) List of IWADs, PWADs, Difficult Settings, Graphics Options (fullscreen, resolution...), Game Options (fastmonsters, nomonsters, etc...), Loadable DEH File..,
    d) Multiplayer Settings: PrBoom launcher lets you to configure the Server IP and Port of the server to connect to,
    e) Multimedia Settings: List of screenshots taken in-game, look small samples of the images and a bigger sample of the image,
    f) Easy way to create your own configuration files for PrBoom Launcher.
    g) and many more

    And the TODO list keeps as follows:

    a) New interface: a modern one will be created, with OSD and skins support
    b) Create server options, to allow user to create multipleyer hosted games
    c) Tool for modifying from the launcher the sonfig file
    d) Self Installer script/program
    e) Autodetection of the PrBoom installation level: system installed or at personal folder
    f) Some changes on the interface: one place for each game/IWAD/PWAD (something like Snowberry, Doomsday source-port launcher)
    g) More multimedia options: demo playback, demo recording, and enhanced screenshots list/viewer

    And here the links you all are waiting for:

    A) Screenshots:
    o About Window:

    o Screenshots Window:

    o Multiplayer Settings:

    o Main Screen:

    B) Download Links

    o Binaries (executables):

    o Source Code:

    That is all, any comment, feature suggestion/petition or any other, just let me know.
    Get funny, thanks for your attention, and cya. :-)

    NOTE: A Project Homepage is nearly finished, but the lack of internet from my home, make that i cant upload it to WWW.