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#219 Please merge the "freewad" efforts of prboom

PRBoom Bug (39)
Fabian Greffrath


currently, the data/prboom-plus.wad file in the release tarballs contains two types of "problematic" content:
1) The menu graphics lumps (i.e. GENERAL and SETUP as well as anything below SETUP, and some more) are composed of artwork taken from the DOOM iwad files.
2) The helper dog sprites and sounds have been taken from the Wolfenstein 3-D game data.
I am pretty sure that distribution of these content is at least "problematic".

In Debian, this problem has already been realized [1]. There, a release tarball undergoes a certain procedure before it can be accepted into the package repository. This includes unpacking the tarball, unpacking the data/prboom-plus.wad file, removing the helper dog lumps, generating alternative menu graphics with a system font, repacking the data/prboom-plus.wad file and finally repacking the tarball with a modified version number [2]. This is both cumbersome and looks crappy.

However, some changes have recently (ahem, about one year ago) been introduced into the prboom SVN to help keep the prboom.wad file free. The most important ones are r4153 and r4154 in which the menus are tought to cope with missing lumps. That is, if the graphics lump for a menu entry is missing, prboom will render the whole menu as text with the internal small font. This looks a lot more consistent than the graphics lumps that are currently generated with the system font. The latter commit applies with some fuzz to prboom+, for the former one a little more work is required.

If the "problematic" lumps were consequently removed from the sources, then this measure would solve #1 entirely.

In commit r4151 to the prboom SVN, the helper dog sprites and sounds have been replaced with modified content from the Freedoom project. Specifically, a smaller and more pale version of the worm daemon is used as a dog, now. That looks less distracting as it sounds and would finally enable Debian to compile the game without "--disable-dogs".

This replacement would solve #2.

So, please consider applying these changes to prboom+ as well to make the whole content delivered in the release tarballs finally *free*!

- Fabian

[1] http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=pkg-games/prboom%2B.git;a=blob;f=debian/copyright;h=007afb75eceef48834d68e970426ef9b41f5ff0b;hb=05350d2cdcad8d6118b8cbe7aaebdeeebd9b40ea#l37
[2] http://anonscm.debian.org/gitweb/?p=pkg-games/prboom%2B.git;a=blob;f=debian/fix_upstream.sh;h=22a369784cb849ab5f8098065a1f9161be08942b;hb=05350d2cdcad8d6118b8cbe7aaebdeeebd9b40ea


  • Andrey Budko
    Andrey Budko

    I've merged r4148-r4155 from trunk

  • Excellent, thank you very much! \o/

    However, I think it would be more safe to remove the "non-free" bits entirely - at least from the source tarballs. Linux distributions will find they need to remove them anyway, so they are still forced to repack each release tarball. The motivation behind this request was to be able to avoid this, in the first place.

    Thanks anyway!

    - Fabian

  • Moreover, I am pretty sure the MBF "beta" stuff belongs into the non-fre section.

  • Hi again,

    prboom+ compiled from current SVN crashes when "Read This" is selected from the main menu. the string "W_GetNumForName: PRBOOM not found" is printed to the terminal.

  • > Moreover, I am pretty sure the MBF "beta" stuff belongs into the non-free
    > section.

    Honestly, please embrace the "sprites/pls{1,2}*" lines in data/Makefile.am with "if NONFREE_GRAPHICS". They are obviously taken from the DOOM beta release and are pretty sure not as "free" as the rest of PrBoom+.

    Furthermore, I wonder where sounds/dssecret.wav and sounds/dsgibdth.wav come from...

  • Andrey Budko
    Andrey Budko


  • Also render the "on" and "off" strings for the "Messages" entry in the small font

  • When PrBoom+ is configured with "--disable-nonfree-graphics", then the "M_GENERL" and "M_SETUP" menu graphics lumps are missing and the whole Options menu is rendered in the small font. In this case, to make this menu look more consistent, the attached patch takes care to also render the "on" and "off" strings for the "Messages" entry in the small font.

  • Furthermore, I think it was forgotten to embrace the addition of dog sounds and sprites in data/Makefile.am with "if DOGS". It makes no sense to add dog data to prboom-plus.wad -- whether non-free or not -- if it has been configured with "--disable-dogs".

  • Gosh, in my previous patch the "ON"/"OFF" string was misaligned. Also, if you compare it to the original menu graphics, the "MESSAGES" string was missing a colon.

  • If build with "--disable-dogs", do not put dogs sprites and sounds into prboom-plus.wad

  • Sorry to bother you again with this issue, but could you please review the two attached patches?

  • Andrey Budko
    Andrey Budko


  • Thank you so much!

    • status: open --> closed-fixed