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#215 ALT+TAB and demo skip speed bug

Tirsa Poppins

The bug is best seen with long multi-level demos (like TNTmax.lmp ;) or very long single-level demos (like TimeOfDeath's Nostril.wad UV Maxes),

Using -skipsec, -warp, the End Level key or the Next Level key makes the progress bar (and the demo) advance pretty slowly. However, if you ALT+TAB out of the program (or use the WIN key), the demo skips forward MUCH faster.

Hold the ALT key and press TAB once while the demo is skipping and see the progress bar fly. Shouldn't demo skipping always be this fast, without having to use ALT+TAB?


  • Andrey Budko
    Andrey Budko

    Can't reproduce.

    glboom-plus -iwad tnt.wad -file TNT31.WAD -playdemo TNTmax.LMP -skipsec 15000

    Progress bar updates two times per second. For both cases I need about 14 seconds to skip first 15000 seconds of TNTmax.LMP. (both windowed and fullscreen)

  • Tirsa Poppins
    Tirsa Poppins

    stdout.txt and glboom-plus.cfg

  • Tirsa Poppins
    Tirsa Poppins

    That's interesting.

    If I do ALT+TAB without releasing ALT, I also get about 14.7 seconds to skip 15000 seconds. Now if I just let glb+ run unmolested, it takes about 7 min 45 seconds to accomplish the same skip. I attach my glboom-plus.cfg and stdout.txt (the latter produced while ALT+TABbing).

    Yesterday I tested some other, shorter, demos and had similarly disproportionate results. Changing to the GL renderer and/or uncapped framerate didn't seem to help.

    So now I deleted glboom-plus.cfg to return the program to its default settings and got about 13 seconds. Then changed one single setting - from windowed to fullscreen - and got 8 min 55 seconds. Tried turning off VSync and resetting 3D settings in the NVidia Control Panel - doesn't help.