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PrattCMS 2.0

2.0 Is released. Stable, much improved. Install is much easier. I need someone to spend a couple of hours every week monitoring bugs, the tracker, etc. and then e-mailing every once in a while about it (which will get printed and then mailed to me) while I am away at school.


Posted by Michael A Smith 2003-08-20

PrattCMS 2.0 RC 1

This is release candidate 1. Very clean, almost bug-free. It will be completed this next week. Then I will release PrattCMS-Manual (for 2.0) that will give a little bit of ease to those of you trying to figure out how to use the program. : )

PrattCMS Project Lead

Posted by Michael A Smith 2003-08-09

PrattCMS 2.0 Beta 2

I just released Beta 2. Quite stable. No known bugs. One more beta, maybe, and then an RC and then 2.0. At that time, we will see what more needs to be added to prattcms. I don't have a lot more time to put out on the project so I will need others to run developing of new features, while I will only put out new bugfixes.


Posted by Michael A Smith 2003-07-30

PrattCMS 2.0 Beta 1


I've just released 2.0 Beta 1. There are no known bugs at this time. However, when you read this there might be, so please watch the bug tracker for bugs. Beta versions will be released after every 3 bugfixes. A release candidate will be released after I haven't found any bugs for 2 or 3 hours of testing, and there have been no bugs for a while. Finally, once I believe it is completed, once the manual for 2.0 is completed, and the context-sensitive help is implemented, 2.0 will be released. Please expect it sometime in late July!... read more

Posted by Michael A Smith 2003-07-22

Version 1.0b3 Released

Hi All,

We just released 1.0b3. That means we're getting closer and closer to a production release! Fixed many bugs, see the ChangeLog in the documentation/ directory for details.

-Michael Smith
PrattCMS Project Manger

Posted by Michael A Smith 2003-06-18

1.0b2 Released


We just released 1.0b2. This fixes a number of bugs as we move closer to a first release. We are entirely feature complete. We also have made the website use our technology so you can see it working there.

PrattCMS, Project Leader

Posted by Michael A Smith 2003-06-17

Version 1.0 Beta Released

Hey folks,

We're in beta! The isntall scripts are written and we are feature complete, however I expect many bugs in relation to the File Manager, so this is probably not something to be used for a production site quite yet. We have three testers (as well as myself) pluggin away so we should be releasing a release candidate sometime before the end of the month, and maybe even release 1.0. Then we will continue adding feature, graphics, templates, and everything else! We also need to work on stablizing and making HTMLArea more feature-complete. Hope to see y'all again soon!... read more

Posted by Michael A Smith 2003-06-13

Version .5 Out Almost in Beta


We're almost in beta! Only thing left is a test environment, and intall/update scripts! Yahoo!

Posted by Michael A Smith 2003-06-10

Version .4 Released

This is just a developers version. I will probably be releasing .4.1 pretty soon, and follow that with .5 once the UI is in place. I'll then be working on a front-page module, and integrating some other open-source administration things. Once that is done, I'll work on writing the install scripts, and documentation.

Posted by Michael A Smith 2003-03-26