PPlayer 0.9.4 released

PPlayer is a media player offering many amazing features. It combines Podcasts,Streaming and an intuitive music search in a user designed interface. Just started its able to play nonstop music without any input from the user. It analyses the current song and searches in the database for a song matching the parameters of the user.

This search is highly optimizeable for the user from its own interface also holding a manual search input.

The new version fixes some minor bugs but also introduces some new features:

- PlayList enhancement: The playlist got a big enhancement. It's now possible to Drag'n'Drop songs. The playlist is now much faster, but has to be tested: Itself its in beta.

- New icons: The old iconset contains now every icon requiered (No buttons on GUI left) and a new iconset has been added and made default. Thanks i542 for the nice icons!

- Stream-Plugin: The new version introduces the Stream-Plugin making PPlayer able to listen to Net-Streams (Net-Radios).

- Bugfixes: Some minor bugs got fixed in this version. The most significant bugfix is the remove of the crash on exit. Wherefore the debugger was disabled and the updater now longer has the IE-Obj until the error isn't fixed.

I also try to fix the file association, but its actually not fully featured in the version. (But it should run).

- Other changes:
The status bar is now defaultly disabled but you can enable it in the settings.

Posted by Pascal257 2007-12-06