V1.04 checked into CVS and binary and snapshot releases available.
Additions to web page
24/11/01 Separated PicTypes_list into an include file to make changes easier
24/11/01 changed is_flash to PromType, and created an enumeration for it
24/11/01 removed unused file tdlportio.c from project
24/11/01 added type 3 programming and erasing (F7X). Always forces bulk erase before programming
24/11/01 changed the program pulse times. Created global for bulk erase time
24/11/01 added 40 new eprom PIC's. added boden bit to 16C62A
24/11/01 added a "noerase" command to block autoerasing of F7X to allow patching
25/11/01 remove autoduck help code from pphw.c
25/11/01 fixed html tags in plain text help output. fixed newlines in plain text
25/11/01 added "-help=16F8" listing of specific pic device, with wildcard

Posted by Simon Bridger 2001-11-26