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#3 Fix for PHP5 "Non-static method" error

Brian Birrell

Here is a patch that fixes the "Non-static method
cannot be called statically" error you give if running
with PHP5. I am running with PHP v5.0.4, so this is
the only version I know this patch fixes.

The basic change was to move the encode_url() and
decode_url() out of the PHProxy constructor and into
the PHProxy class. Then updated any calls to the two
methods, to access them correctly.


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    Here are some quick instructions to apply my patch.

    To use the patch, extract it into a work directory. Then
    create a directory
    called "phproxy-0.4", extract the official archive into this
    directory. So
    given your in the working directory then you should see the
    patch file and the
    "phproxy-0.4" directory, and the phproxy-0.4" directory
    should contain all the
    files from the official release. Now just run the following

    patch -p0 < "patchfile"

    You should now have a copy of phproxy v0.4 with my patch

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    would anyone plz upload a patched copy, for many people,
    including me, are using windows, not linux. thanks!

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    The patch worked like a charm for me. Thanks for providing it.