#87 Change how Account Status and Edits are handled


Adding this after an IRC conversation with Christian so I don't forget about it...

I'd like to see the Admin GUI modified to make it easier to fit more data in less space.

Currently when you enable the ability to manage users Vacation and Aliases, it adds two more columns to the users list...

I'm proposing the following changes:

1. Change the 'Active' column to be named 'Status'

2. Provide two, dual-state (normal and greyed out) icons, to show the status of the Account (Active (normal icon - green/checkmark?) or Disabled (greyed out icon - 'x'?), and of the accounts Vacation message (icon = Beach Lounger? Margarita Glass?), with descriptive text that displays on mouse-over. This would allow this one column to now provide the status for both the account itself and the vacation message at a glance.

3. After this column, just have two menu/buttons: 'Edit', and 'Del'

4. On mouse-over, the 'Edit' menu would pop-out the available choices, depending on what Admin options were set. If all were activated, the choices would be like:

> Account
> Vacation
> Aliases

So, just a single click is still all that is needed. I'll see if I can mock something up sometime soon...


  • I like the ideas, maybe except the pop-out for edit. I'd go for icons there as well (with an alt text for text-based browsers). However I have to admit I'm not an icon designer - therefore I'm open for proposals which icons to use.

    Delete could be a trash-bin icon.